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Laboring in the Dark: BAM in Iran

Iran is an extremely hostile environment for any endeavor that is not instigated and controlled by the Islamic Government and its sympathizers. This creates significant challenges for the Christian Community to create and operate businesses that promote Biblical values. In addition, due to the xenophobia of the Islamic Government and the imposition of International Sanctions, it […]

Growing a Kingdom-Minded Business Community in Indonesia

Kingdom Business Community (KBC) is a network for Christian business people in Indonesia. Describing itself as a marketplace ministry movement with ‘business as mission’ concerns, it is one of the largest networks of mission-focused business people in the world. KBC began in 2005 with 10 couples of business friends from the same church who dreamed […]

The Final Frontier? BAM in Mongolia

Mongolia is seen as the “Final Frontier” for many people. It stirs up images of the horse herds that still run free across her open steppes. From the harsh arid climate of the Gobi Desert in the south, to the pristine lakes in the frozen north that border Russia’s Siberia, the climate has forged a […]

Paying Taxes with a Mountain of Cash: A Taxing Story!

Death and taxes, though often said to be the only sure things in life, are not often a source of amusement. However, here is a funny story from one tourism business in Asia that had to pay their taxes the hard way. Three years after opening their tourism business, the department of tourism finally created […]

After the Tsunami: Business on the Edge

Little did James know just how strategically God had placed him fourteen years prior to the adversity that rocked multiple countries and millions of people when the 2004 tsunami hit Asia. As the ocean bulldozed its way through the coastline, sparing nothing in its path, so came a flood of both urgent and long-term needs. […]

BAM Job Opportunities in Asia and Africa

BAM Company Jobs Project Manager – Software Development Company in Vietnam We are an IT outsourcing company located in SE Asia and are currently looking to hire a Project Manager to join our growing team. This person will help us plan, schedule and control all project activities to ensure project requirements are met, and provide leadership while building positive […]

How They Got Started: 3 Different Routes into Business as Mission

From Dream to Island Reality: Samantha At the tender age of nine, rather than dreaming of make-believe castles and glass slippers, Samantha dreamed about living her life on a certain archipelago in Asia. After college Samantha spent a year in China teaching English then returned to the States to get her Master’s degree in Teaching […]

BAM Job Opportunities in Nepal and China

Job Opportunity in China Executive Director – Service Company in China We are a service company located in Southern China and are currently looking to hire a successor for our current Executive Director. This person will be the senior manager in charge of a small team of specialists that deliver sourcing, product development, project management, quality control […]

Life Encounters Life: The Integration of Business and Mission

We interviewed a ‘practitioner of integration’ who over the last 16 years has tightly integrated business and mission together among an unreached people group in Asia. Can you tell us a bit about how and why you got started with business as mission? We were trained and sent out into the mission field with the vision […]

7 Prayer Habits of Highly Effective People

We asked BAM practitioners what prayer habits, practices or experiences they have found helpful in their business life. We identified some recurring themes that BAMers shared with us: 7 prayer habits for effective business as mission! Prayer does make us more effective in business as mission because of that vital connection and co-working with the […]