Business as Mission: Working Together for God’s Glory [Infographic]

As we start the new year, we are revisiting some foundational material on what business as mission means. Here’s a helpful summary infographic.


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Created by the Lausanne Movement and BAM Global for our Lausanne Business as Mission Network page.


7 Key Elements of a Business Plan [Infographic]

Business Planning Infographic BAM

Created by Evan McCall for The BAM Review


10 Characteristics BAM Recruiters Are Looking For [Infographic]

BAMer Ingredients

Created by Evan McCall for The BAM Review.

With thanks to Peter Shaukat – The Right Ingredients: 10 Essential Characteristics of a BAMer.

Corruption Cheat Sheet

BAM Cheat Sheet Corruption

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 With thanks to Larry Sharp and Dwight Nordstrom.