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Posts and resources from the wider BAM community

What Christianity Today Missed – Peter K Greer

It’s not news: Getting a job is probably the most basic way to get out of poverty. That’s why I’m amazed by the fact that in Christianity Today’s list of top 10 poverty alleviation strategies, only one directly involves job creation (microfinance)… These solutions are critically important, but primarily address poverty’s symptoms instead of its root cause. They also emphasize what “we” can provide instead of recognizing that imported solutions rarely last.

Isn’t Money Evil? No! – Third Path Initiative

But isn’t money the root of all evil? Nope! Before we start on our anti-profit crusade and waste a lot of time tipping at windmills we need to go back and actually read the text instead of buying into a sound byte we heard somewhere… Profit is not evil. It is the natural and godly output of business operated according to God’s plan.

Great Partnerships Don’t Just Happen – Partners Worldwide

I learned the concept of servant leadership at my mother’s knee. She lived it and often referred to St. Paul’s letter to the Philippians. In fact, we read this at her funeral, which was exactly one year ago from Thursday of last week: “Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus, who…took upon him the form of a servant.”  Today, this is a mainstream business idea. In fact, it’s noted that enterprises are most successful when this spirit is permeating each person and all aspects of the organization.

God and Guinness: the Missional Drink that Change the World – Paul Sohn | Salt & Light

To many, this juxtaposition may appear sacrilegious, if not rightfully awkward. But only those who know the story behind the Guinness family can fully appreciate the connection between the two; that is, how the national drink of Ireland became arguably the greatest instrument for propagating the Gospel.