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Posts and resources from mainstream business publications

The 4 Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read This Year – Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, I’ve made it a point to use all resources available to me to make sure I’m running my company to the best of my ability and considering all perspectives. Of course, this includes talking with my mentors and teammates, as well as getting consistent feedback from my customers. What I’ve also found extremely valuable is taking the time (which I know is hard to find) to sit down and read.

The Mistake Most Managers Make with Cross-Cultural Training – Harvard Business Review

If you’ve ever received any cross-cultural training — or even read a book on the subject — chances are it has focused on differences: differences in communication styles (like how Japanese workers are less direct than Germans) or differences in values (like how Americans have more individualistic values than those in China)… But in my experience, the mistake many companies make is thinking that knowing cultural differences is enough — that discovering the key differences is all you need to master to be effective across cultures.

These Diagrams Review How to Do Business with People Around the World – Business Insider

Dealing with the Russians is nothing like dealing with the Chinese, and dealing with the Germans is nothing like dealing with the French. Indeed, despite globalization, cultural habits and preferences aren’t going anywhere, and understanding them is critical to international partnerships.

Business Travellers, Google Translate is Now Your Best Friend – Inc.

Among the various challenges of traveling abroad for business, one of the toughest is confronting a language barrier. But Google has just gotten closer to breaking it down thanks to the latest update of its Translate app. The next time you encounter text or spoken language you can’t understand, this app could be your best travel buddy.

Image via Entrepreneur, Image credit: Abhi Sharma | Flickr