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Friday Links: Posts and Resources from the BAM Community

Every Friday we connect you with some of our recent favourite links. This week:

Posts and resources from the wider BAM community

Top Reasons Startups Fail – IBEC Ventures

One of our challenges is to continually ask the question: is there a market need for our services? Are we ahead of the times? What price point will the market withstand? What marketing strategy will best match supply with demand? How does one develop faith in the consulting product? What does it mean to create value first?

6 Uses for the Profits of Your Business – Third Path Initiative

Businesses make money. It’s why they exist. No profit…no business. And the same is true for “non-profits.” No money at the end of the month means no organization the next month. So let’s stop vilifying profit and ask the real question: how would God have us use it?

Moving from aid to trade – 5 years after the tragic Haitian earthquake – PovertyCure

The message is simple: Anyone who truly desires to help Haiti must realign their strategy to help create legal, profitable business opportunities in the country… This approach recognizes the country’s ability to develop, and stands in opposition to policies that unfairly distort Haiti’s economy.

Marketplace Revolution 2015 – Event by Business Seva and Partners Worldwide

Marketplace Revolution is a unique conference which brings together professionals, business people, international business owners, local community leaders, university students, and church leaders from over 9 different countries—all passionate about partnering to end poverty. The conference runs from January 29 to 31, Bangalore, India. It is designed to provide ample time for networking, learning and taking your partnership journey to the next level.

Image from PovertyCure