Friday Links: Posts and Resources on Faith at Work

Every Friday we connect you with some of our recent favourite links. This week:

Posts and resources from the marketplace ministries movement.

Entrepreneurship within a Biblical Worldview – Institute for Faith, Work and Economics

Christians have a somewhat schizophrenic view of entrepreneurs. We see them as something of a necessary evil; we recognize their value to some extent but also view them with skepticism and distrust, especially those who become wealthy. They are frequently viewed in a certain accusatory way, as though their wealth has come at the expense of others. This view stems from an incomplete understanding of what entrepreneurs do, how they function, and the role they play in God’s order. Entrepreneurs are vital to fulfilling God’s purpose. They are creative people who provide people with a way of serving others. In that sense, they display a divine characteristic.

7 Biblical Habits for a Happier Monday – WorkMatters

We’ve all been there…its 8 p.m. on a Sunday and you already start feeling the Monday morning blues. After a nice weekend with our friends and family, and away from the hectic nature of work, waking up on Monday morning with a good attitude can be a challenge. These feelings can be difficult to escape and often lead to us missing out on joy in the current moment or deciding if we feel this bad on Sunday nights we must be in the wrong job. The Monday morning blues can keep us feeling discontent and is often a tactic used by Satan to distract us from the blessings and work God has called us to. Here are 7 tactics for a happier, more meaningful Monday

You Don’t Go to Work Alone – The High Calling

Years ago, a friend gave me a small framed print highlighting a verse from the Gospel of Luke: “For the Holy Spirit will teach you in that very hour what you ought to say.” Jesus first spoke those words to his disciples in the context of their ministry. But Jesus’ words are not only for the preachers and the missionaries. His promise is for all of us, no matter where our work takes us. The same Holy Spirit—who supplied the disciples with the right words—works within each of us today. There’s nothing in the fine print to suggest that the Holy Spirit is available only to those in ordained ministry. I need to know that truth when I move throughout my ordinary workday, meeting deadlines, paying bills, and answering phone calls.

12 Essential Faith At Work Podcasts – WorkMatters

Looking for some faith at work inspiration for your daily commute? We’ve got just the thing for you. Here’s a list of our 12 most popular podcasts for your faith at work journey. Each one features biblical leadership principles from top executives leading a few of the world’s largest companies.

Image via WorkMatters