Lessons from the Edge: Inspired by Quality Coffee

Insights from a BAM Practitioner

‘Ben’ has spent a decade and more of his life in the specialty coffee industry. He has an unwavering passion for quality in coffee that has grown into a pursuit of quality in all aspects of his life – in business, in mission, and in relationships.

The quality of relationships in the company matter as much as the quality of the product.
In a sense, the quality of care for one another in the company is an equally desired product of the business. Let reconciliation have a major role in the company culture. Concepts we teach, like forgiveness, kindness and so on, become real and implanted in a persons character, in the context of relationships. This is where the real meaning of those company values comes alive.

Intentionally embody the mission in all aspects of the business.
I have realized that my mission is not to bring people into the church, but to help them to see Jesus. When Jesus’ values are synonymous with the company values, corporate life together becomes a training ground for life in the gospel. Business is a place where the values that Jesus embodies are taught and lived out through daily business life together.

Do business with excellence and ask God to show you all that he has intended for it. 
It is important to take business seriously and see it as something to be honored and stewarded as a gift from God, to be used for his purposes. It is important to invest my utmost into it and hope for the most from it. God designed business to create wealth and so I need to have a healthy view of money and wealth. To hope for success and growth is good!

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  1. Ron
    Ron says:

    We struggled for 5 years trying to “bring people into the church”. We finally realized that “when you bring people to Jesus and can mentor them in the values Jesus embodied through business” you end up with strong disciples who then build the church. That way business takes on a whole new sense of excitement and meaning. Well said Ben. Thanks

    • Chris
      Chris says:

      Hey Geoff. I’m not sure if this is inappropriate, but I’m on a team of people running a BAM coffee shop in Taipei, Taiwan. If you’d like to arrange a visit, let me now.

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