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Business Response Plan: From Intensive Care to Recovery

In Part 1 of this blog, we identified four stages you can take to proactively lead your organization through the uncertainty and down the road to recovery. Once you have taken care of the most urgent tasks in the “Emergency Room” phase, it is time to start treating your business to lead it towards longer term stabilisation, recovery and repositioning. 2. […]

Business Response & Recovery Plan to COVID-19

A process to lead your organization through uncertainty and down the road to recovery If your business has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, we recommend taking immediate action. Don’t “wait and see” what might transpire. We have identified four stages you can take to proactively lead your organization through the uncertainty and down the […]

What Advice Would You Give to BAMers Going Through Covid-19?

by Sam Cho What advice would you give to BAM entrepreneurs going through the Covid-19 crisis? I asked this question to various experts in business and mission in my network (mainly in the Korean BAM network). Twenty people responded with advice, including several BAM practitioners, several entrepreneurs, four business professors, a missiology professor, and two […]

Difficult Days and Easter Promises

by Patrick Lai Easter is easily my favorite time of the year. I am sure this Easter will be meaningful too, but unlike all previous Easters – like many of you – I will be at home as our city is in lockdown. For the first time since Easter 1886 our church, which I dearly […]

The Coronavirus Pandemic and BAM: Seven Things We Can Do

by Mats Tunehag The effects of the coronavirus are disruptive beyond comprehension. The situation is changing by the hour. The consequences vary from difficult to dire for billions of people, and nobody knows what the timeline is for this crisis. Media across the world updates us constantly on the negative effects on businesses and on […]

Unleashing the Whole Body of Christ to Reach the Whole World

Matt was thrilled to finally share with his Southeast Asian neighbors all the opportunities to serve them through his social work. He described how he could dig wells for access to clean water, build schools, or hold food and clothing drives to bless their community. To his surprise, his friends told him he was wasting his time. They […]