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5 Key Positions in Your Start Up and Some Things to Avoid

by Mike Baer I’ve consulted with a lot of business startups – usually after they’ve stalled or run into trouble. The problem in almost every case I have seen is not funding. It’s people. Not having the right people around you from Day One is Problem One. This post will address some of the key […]

Three Practical Steps to Experiencing the Spiritual Potential of Your Business

by Dave Kahle Almost every Christian businessperson has a sense that there is potential in their businesses or professions to make a greater impact for the Kingdom. Unfortunately, the idea is often too vague and unformed in our minds, and therefore seems overwhelming. With no direction from the local congregation, and all the noise surrounding us […]

How We Built Consistent, Committed Prayer into our Company

A classic from our ‘Ask a BAM Mentor‘ Archive   Dear BAM Mentor, What prayer habits have you found helpful in your business? How have you experienced prayer and hearing direction from the Lord fitting alongside ‘normal’ business practices and hearing from advisors and others? ~ Exploring Prayer Dear Exploring, Whatever we attempt for God has […]

The Academic Engine: Academic and BAM Practitioner Collaboration

by Mick Bates, D. Mgt Jim Collins, the late Peter Drucker and Michael Porter are near household names in the business world. What do they have in common? They are academics who have impacted the efficiency and effectiveness of organizations around the world. Yes, their work also influences BAM organizations, but what if there was […]

Moving From Anxiety to Freedom as a Kingdom Entrepreneur

by Stu Minshew   Fear vs. Anxiety Restless nights, imagining disaster scenarios, legs bouncing up and down, gulping caffeine to push through, poor concentration, irritable – Do any of these sound familiar? If so, you are not alone. Fear and anxiety, and their associated mental and physical markers, are extremely prevalent in the entrepreneurial world. […]

Turn Off the Lights to Share the Light: Why Good Environmental Practice is Great Business Practice

by Mark Polet There is a misconception that good environmental management always costs money. Well, sometimes it does seem to cost when externalities are not costed fully (waste management, air and water pollution control) or when the company is not managed properly (contamination).  Turn Off the Lights so You can Share the Light However, there […]