Prayer Ideas and Resources for Business People

The Institute of Faith, Work and Economics recently shared 5 practical ways you can turn events in your business day into a conversation with God. We have summarised their ideas and rounded up some ideas and resources of our own. We hope these will spark some idea for busy business people wanting to integrate prayer in to their day.

5 Practical Ways to Integrate Prayer from IFWE

1. Use Technological Reminders – set up tasks with reminders on your calendar or to do app to pray for specific people or specific needs.

2. “Attach” Prayers to Regular Activities or Objects You See Often – link a prayer request to activities which you do often. Can you think of ways to link a prayer request to each? E.g. Brush your teeth – “May my words be clean and honor You.” Clean your glasses – “Help me to see people as You see people.”

3. Use Passwords and Entry Codes as Prayer Triggers – Select passwords and codes to remind you to pray or ask for wisdom. For example, 4HimLeadMe, with a few extra numbers or punctuation marks are difficult to guess and good reminders to pray.

4. Parcel out Work into Prayer Segments – Experiment with ways to pray for individuals while you’re doing work that does not require your full attention.

5. Take Prayer Breaks – A useful prayer break is to get a cup of coffee or tea, sit alone in a different place, and speak with God. Let that prayerful conversation last as long as the liquid.

Read full IFWE post here.

More Prayer Ideas

Use sticky notes or small cards to place prayer reminders or scripture in strategic places round your work environment or in your notebooks.

Set a regular time to pray with a colleague or small team that will help keep you accountable to pray.

Keep a ‘prayer journal’ in your notes app and jot down prayer points that you can pull out and look at when you are on your commute, or have an unexpected wait during the day.

Do a regularly ‘prayer walk’ around your office or building and take time to pray for staff and the business daily, weekly or monthly.

Write out your company values in your digital or paper prayer journal and regularly pray that God would help you live out each one in a way that honours Him.

Prayer and Devotional Resources for Business People

List of Scriptures for business situations – Don’t miss this collection of Bible verses that will help you pray through different aspects of your business.

YouVersion Business Devotionals – YouVersion Bible app has recently been developing more devotional and Bible study plans for business people, including this one that we collaborated on.

She Reads Truth and He Reads Truth – Excellent devotional plans for women and men available as an app, online or delivered free to your inbox every day.

7 Days of Prayer for the Workplace – Along with many other ‘prayer for the workplace’ articles online, this one from the Center for Faith and Work provides a great week-long prayer framework.


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Jo Plummer Jo Plummer is the Co-Chair of the BAM Global Think Tank and co-editor the Lausanne Occasional Paper on Business as Mission. She has been developing resources for BAM since 2001 and currently serves as Editor of the Business as Mission website. 


Image via the Center for Faith and Work