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BAM Company Jobs

Software Developer / Business Partner – IT Company in Nepal

We are looking for a software developer / business partner to join a company with 4 current shareholders. We produce a product that manages pharmaceutical supply chains in developing countries. We have an office in Kathmandu with about 10 Nepali staff, 5 of whom are regularly coding. Our sister company has an office in New Zealand, and we also have partners in the UK and Australia. The job would involve some software development work yourself, but with a greater focus on training, mentoring and managing the work of other staff.

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General Manager – Manufacturing Company in Asia

A challenging and exciting opportunity exists for a dynamic General Manager based in Asia to lead manufacturing operations in support of our ten year strategy.  We currently employ over 130 people and indirectly impact the lives of 1,000s of local people on a daily basis, many of whom face chronic poverty issues.  This will be a deeply life-forming and enriching experience for the person taking the role.

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Managing Director – Medical Device Manufacturer in South Asia

We are looking for a Managing Director at our manufacturing company located in South Asia which is part of a group of companies with an international presence in the US, Europe & China operating in the medical device industry. The Managing Director will oversee the entire company and have full responsibility for operation and all aspects of the business, including finance, production, product development and human resources. He or she will lead and develop the company and ensure its vision, mission and purpose to deliver high value products to its customers in a socially responsible manner is realized.

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Project Manager – Software Development Company in Vietnam

We are an IT outsourcing company located in SE Asia and are currently looking to hire a Project Manager to join our growing team. This person will help us plan, schedule and control all project activities to ensure project requirements are met, and provide leadership while building positive professional relationships with clients and team members. We are also looking for someone who can take an active role in discipling our staff and interns. Previous work experience is important but we are open to training and working with this individual if we feel that they have the right heart and personality fit for our company.

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Various Positions – Web Essentials in Cambodia and Switzerland

Passionate about developing software and developing people? We are looking for experienced professionals to join our Switzerland or Cambodia based teams. Web Essentials is an innovative, web development agency providing high quality services to international customers. Founded on Open Source and Christian values, we partner with clients to build quality digital experiences while building further capacity and opportunities for young Cambodians. We are pioneering fair trade software development – delivering excellent quality and social impact. We are looking for like-minded people to come onboard our mission. We know you will build life-long friendships and be a part of a rewarding vision to build up people to live out their God-given capacity within a fun and challenging environment.

Production Manager job description, Cambodia

Head of Learning and Technology job description, Cambodia

Technical Lead job description, Cambodia

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Business Development Intern, Switzerland

Manager – Cheese Factory in Central Asia

We are launching a new cheese making start up as part of an existing dairy farm. The farm was started 10 years ago by a local entrepreneur to develop the dairy sector in his region. Currently the farm is running well under the supervision of a Dutch dairy expert. Our plan is to set up a cheese making unit, making use of the milk coming from the dairy farm and farms in the region. For this cheese making unit we are looking for a manager who wants to work at least one year on the farm to set up and manage the cheese making process. The job is for at least one year, but can be for a longer period. You will live and work near the capital.

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1 Year Business as Mission Internship with Stipend – BAM Team in Chiang Mai, Thailand

The BAM Resource Team is looking for an exceptional candidate for a 12 month internship with the BAM Team in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand. The Internship starts on January 9th 2017 and finishes mid December 2017. This opportunity will give the intern a unique exposure to what is happening in business as mission around the world while being mentored and coached by BAM leaders. The intern’s role will be to manage administrative tasks, book-keeping/financial management, social media, and other BAM Team responsibilities. The Intern will participate in the 3 week BAM Course in February as staff. Throughout the year the intern will participate in personal development days. The BAM Resource will provide the intern will shared housing and a stipend sufficient to cover food and local transport needs. Engage for a year and get connected to future opportunities in BAM. 

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Training Opportunities

Professional Qualification as Style Consultant in Chiang Mai, Thailand, from Jan 30, 2017 

Acquire Professional Qualification as Style Consultant in 8 days. Are you interested in a lean, low-risk opportunity to become a freelancing consultant, even combining your ministry objectives with a professional service in the consulting industry? Some of our graduates work as color and style consultants serving their customers in that capacity, while others add further qualifications by attending consecutive short modules such as the makeup consultant education, shopping assistance, the business etiquette education and that way work themselves up on the career path to become an internationally recognized image consultant. Get in touch via our website!

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Startup Bootcamp in Middle East, March 3-7, 2017

Move from assumptions to facts in 5 days. This is a hands-on bootcamp for entrepreneurs who want to move ahead with their business idea. Applying the Lean Startup Method our coaches guide participants through the practical steps of validating basic assumptions, drawing the right conclusions from customer feedback and building better solutions. Participants will be prevented from investing their time (and investor’s money) for products that nobody would pay for. This camp will significantly increase your startup success and is ideal for candidates who already did some BAM training. Contact us via our website.

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BAM Course in Chiang Mai, Thailand, February 18 – March 10, 2017

The BAM Course is a three week training that lays a strong foundation for future business as mission involvement. The teaching in weeks one and two focuses on the Biblical basis of business, core business topics and business as mission in practice. The field trip in week three brings BAM principles to life through real-life cases. We aim to build on both understanding and practical skills through a wide variety of learning processes.

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NGO and Volunteer

Production Manager / IT Support – BAM Resource Team in Chiang Mai, Thailand

The BAM Resource Team in Chiang Mai, Thailand is looking for motivated individuals to work in our Communications Team. The ideal candidate would be someone who is interested in business as mission and has a desire to help mobilize and equip others to engage in BAM. The role includes basic design, writing, maintaining websites, email, social media and other technologies which support the goals of the Business as Mission Resource Team and the BAM movement.

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