50+ BAM Job Opportunities Around the World

Each quarter we post an updated list of BAM Job Opportunities on The BAM Review. Welcome to the February 2019 Edition (with updates on 27th March & 11th April).

March & April Updates:


NEW: Trip Facilitator – Resort in SE Asia

For those seeking to have a positive impact and create successful group experiences through understanding customer needs, planning trip itineraries, and facilitating large group events at our Ecotourist Resort.  Trip Facilitators will create and lead programs including jungle hikes and overnights, facilitate teambuilding and leadership programs, teach about local ecosystems, oversee community development projects, etc.  Download Advert | Download Job Description


NEW: CEO – International School in South Asia

This International School supports the educational needs of a wide variety of expatriates and nationals serving in this nation including mission, NGO, business and diplomatic families. The CEO should be a Christian with management and/or small business skills. Reporting directly to the Board, the CEO is responsible for the operation of the school and works closely with the Principal who manages the Academics and day to day functions of the school, and the Chief Operating Officer (COO) who implements, manages and reviews all aspects of HR and asset management. Contact Email 

NEW: Internships – Various BAM Companies

OPEN USA is looking for interns for between 2-12 weeks to work in BAM Companies in Africa, Middle East and all parts of Asia. More information


NEW: Consulting & Tentmaking Positions in Saudi Arabia – via Scatter Global

Executive Coach: Involves assessing and tracking leadership development. Requires ICF certification and excellent facilitation skills with the ability to facilitate workshops effectively for diverse audiences. Link to job description

Career Development Consultant: Required experience: Wide Variety of HR and Talent Management experience, 15 – 25 years’ experience in a big multinational companies, knowledge in different talent management functions. Link to job description

Registered Nurses – Pediatrics and/ ALL Specialties: Nurses of all specialties needed – multiple hospitals with need and availability. Link to job description.

Staffing and Scheduling Specialist (Healthcare): Accountable for standardizing practice and for care delivery in line with established standards of practice, operations, staffing and scheduling. Collaborates with a wide range of stakeholders across the company. Link to job description

Strategic Workforce Planning Expert: Experience clearly demonstrating leading, driving and practicing Strategic Workforce Planning and Analytics, preferably in electrical utility or similar type of industries. Proven capabilities in coaching, mentoring, projects reviewing, team building and facilitation. Link to job description


BAM Company Jobs – February


Consulting Manager – Karisimbi Business Partners in Rwanda

Karisimbi Business Partners (KBP) is a socially motivated management consulting and investment services firm focused on mid-market enterprise development. Delivering solutions for the challenges facing companies in Rwanda and the surrounding region, KBP works directly with promising ventures to ensure business strategy, management and resources are aligned for company growth and success. We are seeking a Consulting Manager to join our growing team of local and expatriate consultants who can provide leadership across project delivery, business development, staff management, and company operations. Download PDF | Visit Company Website


Various Positions – Woodwork Manufacturing in East Asia

A small luxury woodwork manufacturer with 30 years experience (10+ in E Asia) Company is developing their small factory into a tight Lean system that will be duplicated exactly with small factories in other markets in Muslim areas of East and Central Asia. The company produces in Asia and sells in Asia using American hardwoods. Open positions include: Operations ManagerManufacturing Engineer, a 3D CAD / CAM / CNC Operator, and tailor made Internships for 2 months to 2 years. Contact Email


New Owner – Climbing Gym in Cambodia

If you are looking for an opportunity in Phnom Penh for a business with tremendous growth and a heart for the people and the nation, Phnom Climb might just be right for you. Phnom Climb Community Gym is Cambodia’s only indoor climbing facility. We are a business inspired by a passion for building community, health, and trust in Phnom Penh. We are called to foster an environment where people of all experiences, cultural backgrounds, and economic classes can build genuine friendships. Please email us to receive a copy of our prospectus.

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Various Positions – Web Essentials, Software Development in Cambodia

Passionate about developing software and developing people? We are looking for experienced professionals to join our Cambodia and Switzerland based team. Web Essentials is an innovative, web development agency providing high quality services to international customers. Founded on Open Source and Christian values, we partner with clients to build quality digital experiences while building further capacity and opportunities for young Cambodians. We are pioneering fair trade software development – delivering excellent quality and social impact. We are looking for like-minded people to come onboard our mission.

Chief Technology Officer: Works at the intersection of technology and human development. The role ensures the organization has skilled and competent human resources to deliver quality products to clients and provides leadership in all areas of technology: systems architecture, local development tools, QA processes, coding standards, and product development.  Link to job description

HR Manager: Provides leadership and direction to the HR and Admin Team ensuring the most appropriate HR policies, procedures, programs and support are in place to assist Web Essentials meet its strategic objectives. The HR/Admin Manager plays an essential role in cultivating and promoting an innovative company culture that emphasizes open and free communication, fair, respect, treatment of all employees, and inspires and empowers people to do their best to achieve their personal development and business outcomes. Link to job description

Sales Executive: Collaborates with an international team to generate new business and maintain existing customers in strategic markets that align with the Web Essentials Sales strategy. With a special focus on using technology to solve tough problems in developing countries, the Sales Executive builds strong relationships with our customers to find creative solutions that helps them achieve their organizational goals. Link to job description

Link to more positions on Careers page


Various Positions – Khalibre, Software Development in Cambodia

Working with Khalibre means changing lives:

  • Locally- in Cambodia by providing discipleship opportunities, professional skills development and real jobs.
  • Globally- our enterprise software helps 1,000’s of missionaries spread the gospel around the world.

We are looking for women and men with good technical skills and a desire for cross cultural missions.

Find out more about the company Khalibre and our product Crosswired.

Front End Web Developer – Are you an experienced front end web developer with good UX skills for enterprise web solutions? If you want to do excellent work, share expertise and build friendships then this cross-cultural mission challenge is for youContact here

Visual & Interaction Designer – Are you an experienced Visual and Interaction Designer who can take basic mock-ups and bring them to life in beautiful and creative ways? Then you can be an agent of transformation in peoples’ lives in Cambodia with Khalibre. Contact here

UX Designer – Are you an experienced UX Designer who is able to design enterprise web solutions for a global audience? Then you can transform lives in Cambodia and for 1,000’s of missionaries globally at Khalibre. Link to job description

Software Testing Lead – Do you have vast experience in software testing and have a desire to pass on your life and professional experience to young Khmer who are starting out in the technology industry? Contact here

Visit our Careers Page for More Information and to Apply


Various Positions – IT Company in North India

Envision yourself as part of a team built on the foundation of servant leadership, where we intentionally support each other in growth as individuals and a company. Since 2001, we have been working in India providing businesses in the West affordable and quality IT resources to keep their companies growing, while creating local jobs that build team direction and personal growth.  We’d love for you to bring your skills and leadership to our team, accelerating our growth so that we can impact more lives globally.

Business Development “Hunter”: Acts as the lungs of our business, working strategically to qualify and turn prospects into long term clients. This person works from their home office (or co-working space) closing deals that will be delivered by our software teams in India. Download job description| Apply Online

Account Manager “Farmer” in India: Grows trustful relationship with our clients in order to create multi-project, mutually fruitful relationships. Focuses on staging the projects and coaching the delivery team toward success in our offices in India. Download job description | Apply Online

Technologist in India: Works closely with our development and testing teams in India to encourage continuous learning and quality products via strategic processes. Download job description | Apply Online

College Student Intern in India: Soaks up an immersive multicultural experience along with the most practical real-life education on the market—all while creating value and becoming an integral part of our team. Download job description | Apply Online

Gap Year Internship in India: Acts as a Jack-of-all-Trades by flexibly taking on different responsibilities and projects throughout the entire company, providing real value while also gaining multicultural experience in the many different components of business. Download job description | Apply Online


Various Positions – Software Development Company in Vietnam

We are an IT outsourcing company located in SE Asia and are currently looking to hire for various positions to join our growing team. We are looking for people who can also take an active role in discipling our staff and interns. Previous work experience is important but we are open to training and working with individuals if we feel that they have the right heart and personality fit for our company.

Technology Director: Establishes a technical vision for the development team and works with developers to turn it into reality. This person is also responsible for building strategic client relationships and ensuring project are executed and delivered in a way that meets the customer’s needs and expectations. Link to job description

Senior Developer: Maintains and expands client relationship by ensuring projects are executed and delivered in a way that meets the customer’s needs and expectations. This position is also responsible for building strategic account plans and making sure these account objectives are met. We are looking for someone who has either Ruby on Rails, Java, C#, Nodejs or PHP experience. Link to job description

English Teacher: Maintains and expands our relationships with several of the local IT universities by providing English classes and being part our internship program. This person will be critical in teaching and mentoring University students and has a great opportunity to have a profound impact on the student’s lives. Link to job description

Account Manager: Maintains and expands client relationship by ensuring projects are executed and delivered in a way that meets the customer’s needs and expectations. This position is also responsible for building strategic account plans and making sure these account objectives are met. Link to job description


Positions in Multiple Companies – Transformational SME

Transformational SME is a global community that assists Christian-owned and managed small-to-medium size enterprises (SMEs) to grow in size, profitability and wholistic impact across North Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Transformational SME helps companies to identify, recruit, deploy and support entrepreneurs, managers and other professionals for strategic roles. Whether your strength is business management, people development or you have a passion for maximizing business and manufacturing processes, business as mission has something for you!  Most companies have need for competent people with business skills to manage growth and impact. Using your transferable skills and passionate spirit for the Kingdom of God, you can contribute to the wholistic impact of an existing BAM company across North Africa, the Middle East and Asia. For an exploratory conversation contact: TransformationalSME@gmail.com

Goat Dairy – Southeast Asia

This Goat Dairy Company has leveraged a technologically innovative and scalable model for producing shelf stable goat milk and related products at commercially significant volumes to meet the demand of an existing and dynamically expanding market.  The farm’s milking operations, processing and packaging is done on site.  The Company aims to address poverty and human trafficking in the communities in which it operates by creating sustainable income-generating opportunities for the rural poor. 

Farm Manager – The company is in a period of rapid growth and recruiting for a Farm Manager with experience in any commercial dairy farm management. Language learning is recommended. The candidate should hold a degree in farm management or 3-5 years’ experience. An in-country salary will be paid based on experience.  Some fund raising may be necessary.

Head of Herd Reproductive and Health Services – The qualified candidate should be a Vet, Vet Tech, Animal Scientist or have required practical experience in developing and implementing herd health protocols and artificial insemination in dairy animals; small ruminants preferred, but not required. Language learning is recommended. An in-country salary will be paid based on experience.  Some fund raising may be necessary.

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Seafood Farm – Southeast Asia

This BAM company is primarily interested in developing a profitable company based on best practices for their industry and the transformation of the cultures in which they do business. Expat workers need to be humble, continuous learners, resilient and patient; the harvest will come after a long growing season. They are working toward producing enough profit so all employees can receive compensation, however, at this stage of their business growth, all expats will need to raise their own support.

Post-Harvest Processing Manager – The Post-Harvest Processing Manager is responsible for seafood processing through the pre-sales activity (storage, shipping, distribution to customer).  The Manager is to lead the processing department toward production goals while refining methodology to reach optimal efficiencies. S/he will report to the site management team and have responsibility for: process development (cooking, drying or freezing), equipment selection, continuous improvement, developing best practices, developing/training 12 employees for future expansion.

Food Scientist – The Food Scientist is responsible for value added product development.  The Food Scientist will develop new products and improve existing products in close partnership with marketing and sales teams.  S/he will work under the supervision of our on-site management team. This position will involve a combination of activities: R&D, food safety, develop quality systems, work collaboratively with production, marketing, sales and finance.

Physiologist – A Physiologist, with background in genetics and pathology, will oversee selective breeding, brood stock maintenance, and feeding regimes.  S/he will work under the supervision of our on-site management team. This position will involve a combination of activities: Brood stock selection, select breeding protocol, develop best practices (breeding, growing, feeding, harvesting), continuous improvement, etc.

Supply Chain Manager – The Supply Chain Manager is responsible for supply chain, working with department managers to meet company goals and create efficiencies.  S/he will work under the supervision of our on-site management team. This position will involve a combination of activities: develop KPI’s for each stage of the farming process, cost analysis to maximize profitability, develop and improve best practices to ensure inter-departmental efficiencies, etc.

Hatchery Manager – The Hatchery Manager is responsible for all hatchery/spawning production.  This person should be highly organized and able to create and oversee standard operating procedures.  S/he will work under the supervision of our on-site management team. This position will involve a combination of activities: brood stock selection, conduct spawning sessions, manage 12 staff, feeding stock, maintenance of equipment and texting labs, etc.

IT Technician – The IT Technician is responsible for the implementation and management of all company information technology.  S/he will work under the supervision of our on-site management team. This position will involve a combination of activities: recommend/implement top programs, software, and technology for company success, Train staff to use technology for business operations and analysis, etc.

Marine/Environmental Biologist – The Marine Biologist is responsible for animal health and the symbiotic, positive relationship between our farm, animals and environment.  S/he will work under the supervision of our on-site management team. This position will involve a combination of activities: develop animal husbandry techniques, create a symbiotic relationship between animals and environment, monitor key environmental growth factors, develop best practices, continuous improvement, etc.

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Manufacturer – Southeast Asia

This manufacturing business based in Southeast Asia exists to make a difference in the lives of its local community and currently employs 165 local workers, providing skill-enhancing jobs in an economically marginalized corner of the country.  It has established itself as a leading manufacturer and supplier of environmentally friendly products.  The potential for job creation in an economically depressed region and serving an unreached people group is already well established.   

Finance Director, Manufacturing – An opportunity exists for a dynamic Finance Director to be positioned at the heart of this pioneering mission-led business.  In this life-transforming role, the Finance Director will have 3-5 years’ experience in accounting, be responsible to lead and develop a small team of national employees and the finance function; cost accounting, financial/strategic planning, risks/profit analysis and direction for making sound business decisions.  The qualified person will have strong leadership and problem-solving skills, understanding of ERP software and a track record with experience in finance/manufacturing environments. While English is the language of business, local language learning is recommended. 

Manufacturing Consultant (1-3 Years) – This opportunity as Manufacturing Operations Consultant will position you at the heart of a leading missional manufacturing business for a life-transformation role.  The Company exists to bless its local community and currently employs 165 people in secure, up-skilling jobs.  This is a fixed term role (1-3 years) with a focus on strengthening national leadership.  You will have succeeded if over time, the local leadership team is equipped and empowered to run strong operations themselves, with manufacturing processes in place to an international standard.  The qualified candidate will have experience in continuous improvement, manufacturing oriented, 3-5 years successfully managing/developing teams and have strong analytical and interpersonal skills.  S/he will hold a relevant degree or possess equivalent experience.  

Business Development Manager – The Business Development Manager will be responsible for overseeing and implementing an effective business development strategy which drives new sales for the business and helps the business achieve its long-term vision for its transformational purpose. You will have succeeded if solid long-term relationships have been developed with clients resulting in sustainable, increasing sales.  The qualified candidate will have 3-5 years’ experience developing long-term relationships bases on good business ethics. S/he will hold a relevant degree or possess equivalent experience.  

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Manufacturer- Nepal

This for-profit, social enterprise is dedicated to creating, training and employment opportunities for survivors of exploitation and discrimination in Nepal. They are a World Fair Trade Guaranteed company, an ethical manufacturer of different products that export to North America, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. All positions pay some in-country salary that will be commensurate with experience.  Cost of living is low, however some support will need to be raised. 

Business Development Manager – The successful Business Development Manager will be enthusiastic, motivated, and confident, as well as passionate about results, growth and helping people transform their lives. S/he will be able to identify the right opportunities, enjoys connecting with potential clients, be independent, creative, self-directed and good with numbers. In this role s/he will be responsible for a variety of activities including developing a long-term growth strategy for manufacturing, coordinating sales activity with other departments, and developing customer relationships based on ethics, reliability and best practices.  Location is negotiable. This position reports to the Director located in Nepal. 

Marketing Manager, and Sustainability Coordinator – Some of the characteristics of a successful marketing manager and sustainability coordinator are creativity, effective communication skills, ability to market through social media and utilize analytics. While the candidate doesn’t need to be a sustainability expert, s/he should be interested in having a positive impact on the environment and should be able to do research on this topic and learn quickly. This position is located in Nepal and reports to the Sales and Marketing Team Leader.

Project Manager – The qualified Project Manager should have experience leading and managing complex projects in an operations environment, and be able to develop strong, healthy relationships with customers and internal departments.  S/he should be detail oriented, a learner, passionate about continuous improvement and articulate. This position is located in Nepal and reports to the Lead Project Manager.

Labor Training Manager – The successful Labor Training Manager will be able to learn new operations quickly, able to teach and mentor others, have a continuous improvement mindset, and work well across cultural/language barriers. The qualified candidate will be keen to learn Nepali and have possess 3-5 years’ manufacturing experience. This position is located in Nepal and reports to the Operations Manager.

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Engineering Company – South Asia

This construction/Civil Engineering company was established in the 1960s.  It directly employs approximately 35 staff.  The Company offers high quality design and construction services with the honesty and integrity that would serve as a witness to Christ across the country.  It generates employment, manifests an ongoing commitment to training and has contributed in significant ways to the work of charitable organizations in the country.  The company remains strong in terms of engineering excellence and technical competency.  

Technical Director – The Technical Director should have a minimum of 10 years’ experience in the construction industry, as well as experience in financing projects, tendering projects and financial management – preferably in the developing world. S/he would hold a university level engineering qualification (Civil engineering or Architecture being the most suitable) together with professional registration in some form.  This position is responsible for all technical drawing and construction specifications for materials, project costing and all other technical details of each project.  This position is one of the top leadership roles in the company. The person who fills this role will have significant influence over business strategy, direction and community events/interactions with the local culture. While English is the language of business, local language learning is recommended. Some in country salary will be paid, however, some support will also need be raises. Benefits, including stock ownership, will be negotiated and will be commensurate with experience and ability.

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Classroom Teacher – School in Southeast Asia

Transform Lives as a Teacher in SE Asia! Our International School has grown to 700 students in 6 years in a small community on the coast in Southeast Asia. Opportunities to transform lives are increasing but are held back by the need for teachers who love well and are flexible and committed to quality and creative education. The school has a unique opportunity in a growing city where our school reputation is strong and impact already seen. The school serves national students. It is international because of the unique education for students to become capable and compassionate contributors in a global society.

Link to job description

Work With Us!

The Business as Mission Resource Team is recruiting for both our Events and Communication Teams. We are looking for people with a range of skills to work on the next BAM Global Congress and our ongoing projects. We need a variety of skills and experience, including: Administration, Project Leadership, Event Management, Social Media, Marketing, Writing & Editing, Content Development & Design. 6-18 months, Part-time or Full-time, Virtual and On-location positions available. Ideal for those wanting to learn more about Business as Mission and develop or re-purpose their skills.

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