The Global Impact of the Wealth Creation Manifesto

It is now three years since the Global Consultation on The Role of Wealth Creation for Holistic Transformation and subsequent publications. During August and September 2020, we’ve published a series of articles on wealth creation, reflecting on the eleven affirmations in the Wealth Creation Manifesto, which now exists in 17 languages.

One shouldn’t underestimate the importance of wealth creation. It is both a command and a gift from God. Moreover, it is a historically proven path to lift people and nations out of poverty. Different kinds of wealth can and should be created in and through business, to contribute to human flourishing.

The global consultation on this issue produced seven papers on various aspects of wealth creation. Our deliberations and these papers were summarized in the Wealth Creation Manifesto. We produced an educational video series with 13 short episodes, following the format and content of the Manifesto.

Today the Manifesto exists in 17 different languages. It shows that there is a need to clarify and convey the role of wealth creation for holistic transformation, of people and societies around the world. Furthermore, the message of the Manifesto resonates with people in many countries and cultures, and it is being read and applied.

So, it is a joy to present these encouraging and helpful endorsements from significant leaders around the world. 

Mats Tunehag


بيان خلق الثروة Wealth Creation Manifesto Arabic

We praise the Lord for all the gifts He has given us. As written in the Bible and the Wealth Creation Manifesto, among them is the gift of wealth creation. Due to the increase in unemployment, the refugee crisis and the economic situation across the Middle East, we urge the church to build the earth and do its part in carrying out the appeals of the Manifesto. The Church of God should act for the glory of God to be realized among all peoples.


نحمد الرب من اجل كل المواهب التي اعطاها لنا لمجده. كما هو مذكور في الكتاب المقدس وفي البيان، من ضمن هذه المواهب ‘خلق الثروة’. بسبب ارتفاع البطالة وازمة اللاجئين والوضع الاقتصادي بمجتمعنا وفي الشرق الاوسط بشكل عام، نحن نحث الكنيسة على اعمار الارض وعلى ان تقوم بدورها بالطلبات المذكورة في مناشدة البيان. يجب ان كنيسة الله تعمل لتحقق مجد الله في كل الشعوب

Bahasa Indonesia 

Manifesto Penciptaan / Kekayaan (Wealth Creation Manifesto Bahasa Indonesia)

We are grateful to see the work of Wealth Creation Manifesto, it provides us the framework to both understand and communicate same frequency, the “DNA” of Business As Mission movement worldwide. The urgency and importance for other relevant stakeholders (churches, marketplace leaders, society) to join the cause will help to establish sustainable ecosystem for BAM in the future.

Julian Foe, Kingdom Business Community



富宣言 () 拷貝 (Wealth Creation Manifesto – Simplified Chinese)

In Chinese-speaking areas of the business world, business is too often considered by nature unethical and that anything is acceptable if one makes a profit.  The Wealth Creation Manifesto shows that business and work come as a blessing from the Lord, requiring that as Christians we see our faith and work as integrated.

Dwight Nordstrom


創富宣言 (正體) 拷貝 (Wealth Creation Manifesto – Traditional Chinese)



經過全球大流行的衝擊後,我們更需要以嶄新的思維和方式,加上堅毅的精神創造不同的財富,包括社會的、知識的、物質的和屬靈層面的財富,期望創富者堅持不懈,努力用神所賜他們的恩賜去服侍神和人。~ 東尼 ~

It is appreciated that the “Wealth Creation Manifesto” calls leaders in business, church, government and academia to embrace wealth creation as central to our mission of holistic transformation of peoples and societies.

The manifesto highlights that wealth creation is rooted in God the Creator, who created a world that flourishes with abundance and diversity.  Wealth creators should be affirmed by the Church, equipped and deployed to serve in the marketplace among all peoples and nations.

After the impact of the global pandemic, we need even more new thinking and methods coupled with persistence to create different kinds of wealth, including social, intellectual, physical and spiritual wealth.  I hope that wealth creators will persevere and strive to serve God and people with the gifts God has given them.

Tony, Chinese BAM


Manifest voor Welvaartschepping / Wealth Creation Manifesto Dutch

My first encounter with the Manifesto was a breakthrough in my thinking about wealth, creating wealth and being wealthy as a Christian. To read these affirmations inspire me and many others to continue what we are doing, based on biblical foundations.

We are a group of people who with enthusiasm and energy are developing a BAM network in the Netherlands.  With the manifesto we feel a part of a much larger movement, part of the Body of Christ. The Manifesto helps us to explain who we are, what we do, why we are doing it, and what we are accountable for.

Ad maiorem Dei gloriam – Voor de grotere eer van God 

Bert Dorr, BAM Nederland


Wealth Creation Manifesto

Wealth Creation Manifesto with Bible References

The 2019 Global Workplace Forum in Manila underscored the critically important role as well as opportunity that Christians in the workplace have in advancing the gospel, and contributing to human flourishing in every dimension of life. The Wealth Creation Manifesto highlights the importance of workplace endeavors that provide jobs and multiply resources for the benefit of entire communities. It celebrates the contribution of creative entrepreneurs as God’s image-bearers, and provides a biblically-based and historically proven route to alleviate poverty. Its eleven affirmations and three appeals warrant careful study and discussion as well as energetic action.

David Bennett, Lausanne Movement


بیانیه تولید درآمد (ایجاد سرمایه) Wealth Creation Manifesto – Farsi

The business principles of wealth creation allows God-given gifts to serve God and people.  Up until now, many churches, groups and even cultures would shy away from this principle simply because they didn’t fully comprehend its Biblical roots and its role in holistic transformation of cultures.  The underground church in Iran is experiencing an explosive growth and part of its sustainability and longevity depends directly on its comprehension of the role of wealth creation.  Wealth creation should no longer be a taboo, but a norm for the Church and society.

Dr. Mike Ansari, CEO of Heart4Iran


تجارت، تولید در آمد و ایجاد ثروت برای بقای کلیسا و معنویتهای مسیحی در هر جامعه لازم میباشد ولی بیشتر کلیساها و مؤسسات مسیحی از این حقیفت به دلیل چالشهای فرهنگی و بومی دوری کرده اند. ریشه ایجاد ثروت و تولید درآمد و ایجاد سرمایه را میتوان در کتاب مقدس مطالعه کرد و اهمیت آن را به عنوان عامل تحول مثبت در جامعه ارزیابی نمود.  از اینرو با در دست داشتن بیانیه تولید در آمد، قدم مثبتی را میتوان برای جامعه مان برداریم.  به امید اینکه روحیه تشویق ، محبت و صداقت برای تجهیزو راه اندازی سرمایه گذاران بخشی اززمینه فرهنگی و ماموریت مرکزی جامعه شود.

دکترمایک انصاری، مدیر مؤسسه Heart4Iran


Manifeste de création de richesse : Wealth Creation Manifesto Français

Mon champ de bataille, en tant qu’entrepreneur, est en particulier le monde francophone et plus spécifiquement en Afrique. Le Manifesto pour la création de richesse est ma passion et ma vision depuis bon nombre d’années et le monde francophone a plus que jamais besoin d’adopter et de vulgariser une telle vision et un tel engagement. Le monde francophone soupire après l’émergence de ces créateurs de richesses, engagés dans la lutte contre toutes les pauvretés, reconnus et encouragés par la communauté des églises. Ils ne doivent pas seulement se limiter à être des consultants mais bien à devenir des entrepreneurs, porteurs d’innovations, créateurs de richesses et d’emplois.

My battlefield, as an entrepreneur, is particularly the French-speaking world and more specifically in Africa. The Manifesto for Wealth Creation has been my passion and vision for many years, and the French-speaking world needs more than ever to adopt and popularize such a vision and commitment. The French-speaking world longs for wealth creators, engaged in the fight against all forms of poverty, recognized and encouraged by the community of churches. They must not limit themselves to being only consultants but to becoming entrepreneurs, bearers of innovation, creators of wealth and employment.

Etienne Atger


Reichtumserzeugungsmanifest : Wealth Creation Manifesto Deutsch

I appreciate the manifesto because it does not condemn wealth for Christians but appeals to people to create and share wealth for the Kingdom of God, and for the common good of society. In Germany, we need Christians in all spheres of society to be blessed and be a blessing. I hope the Manifesto will encourage us to be excellent in our work while glorifiying God through our resources. In the end, everything is from him, through him and for him.”

Evi Rodemann


Wealth Creation Manifesto

The wealth creation manifesto is a key document for the church in India because it dispels the common myth in our culture that wealth creation and Christian calling are contradictory.  The manifesto articulates the reason and purpose of wealth creation by the people of God.  I hope that many will read it and act on it in line with God’s plan for His people.

Joseph Vijayam


Wealth Creation Manifesto Japanese

I always appreciate the manifesto because it provides us with a basic theological affirmation on the role of wealth creation. I hope that the manifesto will continue encouraging Japanese Christians who are engaging in business to unleash their creative potential to effectively serve the Lord and people for His glory.

Tetsuya Morita, Tokyo Christian University


Wealth Creation Manifesto Korean

I appreciate the Manifesto because it covers important aspects of the business from the viewpoints of creating wealth biblically according to the Creator’s intent, beneficially for people at large, and holistically addressing the holistic needs of people. I trust that such missional businesses will honor, please, and glorify God. I pray that the Manifesto will shape and sharpen the viewpoints of people – churches and businessmen alike – to help advance God’s Kingdom in and through business in the marketplaces, particularly in the marginalized areas including North Korea.

Jeffrey Lee


Manifesto Sobre a Criação de Riqueza Wealth Creation Manifesto – Portuguese

No Brasil, precisamos renovar nossas mentes com relação à criação de riqueza e seu papel no Reino de Deus, que é compartilhar recursos intencionalmente e, assim, avançar em justiça e transformação do Evangelho para a glória de Deus. O Manifesto de Criação de Riqueza está provando ser um recurso tremendo para cumprir essa visão.

In Brazil, we need to renew our minds with respect to wealth creation and its role in God’s Kingdom, which is to share resources intentionally and thus move forward in justice and Gospel transformation to the glory of God. The Wealth Creation Manifesto is proving to be a tremendous resource to fulfill this vision.

Samara Brandao, BAM Brasil


Manifestul pentru crearea de bogatie Wealth Creation Manifesto Romanian

As an entrepreneur, I appreciate the Wealth Creation Manifesto because it emphasizes the importance of creating goods and services. “There is no wealth to be shared unless it has been created”. In Romania, the church emphasizes the importance of giving. I hope that the church from Romania will understand the manifesto and will value Christian business people and entrepreneurs as part of their mission. Also, I hope that business people from Romania will understand that their business is their mission and God uses it to heal the world.

Adrian Buhai, BAM Romania


Wealth Creation Manifesto Russian Манифест «Создание материальных благ и библейская перспектива»

Большинство евангельских христиан в Евразии считают, что ЕДИНСТВЕННАЯ задача христианина – это рассказывать другим людям о том, какое значение имеет смерть и воскресение Иисуса Христа. Многие считают, что улучшение качества жизни и восполнение материальных нужд не только не является служением Богу, но часто даже препятствует исполнению Великого Поручения, поскольку люди в нужде быстрее откликаются на проповедь. Манифест о создании материальных благ показывает, насколько эта деятельность важна в глазах Бога. И что она сама по себе является неотъемлемой частью Радостной Вести.

Most еvangelicals in Eurasia believe that our only task is to tell others about the story about the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Many believe that improving the quality of life and meeting material needs is not a real ministry. And even more:, many evangelicals believe this hinders the fulfillment of the Great Commission, because people in need respond faster to the Good News. The Wealth Creation Manifesto shows how important this activity is in the eyes of God, and that it is an integral part of the Good News.

Mikhail Dubrovskiy, BAM Russia


Manifiesto de creación de riqueza Wealth Creation Manifesto Espanol

Many Christians have been very concerned with several aspects of the so-called ‘Prosperity Gospel’, and rightly so. Nonetheless, many times this concern may lead us to some sort of animosity toward the creation of wealth, as if wealth creation could never be a gift from God.  My prayer is that in Latin America, where social disparities are so marked, the well-balanced and biblically based content of the ‘Wealth Creation Manifesto’ will contribute to bring awareness to one of the topics that should be at the top of our Christian agenda.

Marcos Amado, Founder and Director of ‘Martureo Center for Missiological Reflection


Manifest om välståndsskapande / Wealth Creation Manifesto Swedish 

In the Nordic countries we need to understand that wealth creation is part of our purpose as co-creators with God. Furthermore, we need to take more initiatives. We should use all the inventiveness and entrepreneurship our region has been known for, to bring glory to God, and bring justice, freedom and development to our world. The Wealth Creation Manifesto gives the church a clear description of our God given mandate and responsibility to challenge and send also our entrepreneurs into all nations, to obey the Lord by using skills and experiences to solve problems, create jobs and welfare.

Hakan Sandberg


Wealth Creation Manifesto – Turkce

Bir Türk Hristiyan, pastör ve yaşamının büyük bir bölümünü seküler iş ortamında geçirmiş biri olarak, bu manifestoyu sevinçle karşılıyorum. Özellikle bu manifesto aracılığı ile tüm Hristiyanların Tanrı’nın kusursuz yaradılışının bir parçası olan işlerimizinde Tanrı’nın yüceliği için kullanılabileceği bütünsel bir iman anlayışını arttıracağını ümit ediyorum.

I am so pleased to hear the manifesto which I welcome wholeheartedly as a Turkish Christian, a pastor and a person who worked in secular field most of his life. I particularly welcome its holistic understanding of mission, where our so called secular life is part of God’s good creation to be redeemed and used for God’s glory.

Revd Engin Yildirim, Team Vicar at St Michael at Bowes Parish Church

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Mats Tunehag is a senior global ambassador for BAM and has worked in over half the countries of the world. He is the chairman of BAM Global and contributes to Visit for BAM resources in 21 languages.


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