Poverty, Inc.

As we introduce this new series on ‘Business Fights Poverty’ on The BAM Review blog, we want to recommend the documentary Poverty, Inc. as a great resource to understand more about this issue. We believe enterprise is the way God designed communities to rise out of poverty and develop. Business is integral to human flourishing.

Yet business does not stand a chance in many communities because of a dependence on aid. The unintended consequence of good intentions can often be the destruction of the local economy.

Aid versus trade is just one of the issues around the topic of ‘business fights poverty’. Through this theme we want to be thinking holistically about addressing physical, social and spiritual poverty. We want to grow in a Biblical view of what human flourishing means.

Some favourite quotes from the Poverty, Inc. trailer:

I am glad people want to help, it comes from a good heart. People give us food, they dig us wells, they bring us shoes, they encourage others to give. The problem is, it does not work.


Our donations have an unpredictable impact on the local economy. Why would you go buy something? It’s for free!


I know of countries that have developed on trade and innovation and business. I don’t know of any countries that got so much aid that they suddenly became a first world country.


As soon as we tell a beautiful story about the African entrepreneur doing amazing work, then we will be able to shift mindsets.


Having a heart for the poor isn’t hard, but having a mind for the poor, that’s the challenge.


Watch the Poverty, Inc. trailer below and visit website for more information.

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