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Posts and resources from the wider BAM community

10 Questions for How to Run Your Business – Third Path

This post is about the way we are and the way we are going to be. It’s the fourth part of the Values to Vision to Reality process and speaks to just exactly HOW we do things in our business now and in the future. These are your Operating Principles, Breakthrough Strategies, Pivotal Strategies–there are many terms. They are long-term and serve as guard rails to guide the way you actually go about achieving your Vision and fulfilling your Purpose?

To Bribe or Not to Bribe – IBEC Ventures

Considering biblical culture and law, our own culture and law and the host culture and law, the following questions will go a long way to helping us make decisions on what is a bribe and what might not be a bribe.  Remember that “Christianity operates on the notion that ethics (the study of human character) logically follows theology (the study of God’s character)”

God is Doing More Than Just Saving People in Business – Mike Baer on the Gospel Drive Entrepreneur Podcast

Key thoughts:

  • Doing ministry in business doesn’t mean you’re a second class christian.
  • If you’re not the boss, what other influence can you have other than witness?
  • What type of kingdom expressions can be displayed in a corporate setting?
  • If we’re not in charge, how much influence can we actually have?
  • Develop the ability to see the talent in others and move them into a cohesive team.
  • God is doing way more than just saving people’s soul from hell. What does this mean for business?
  • Doing gospel driven business, we are seeing Jesus actively reconcile creation to himself.

Recap from 2014 Lion’s Den Event – The Lion’s Den

There is a significant wave of interest in Business as Mission and Social Entrepreneurship as more and more people seek to connect their mind and heart in profitable, high multi-impact investing. The Lion’s Den is helping to form and shape this movement by providing must attend events, great deal flow, and a network of like-minded individuals.

Photo credit: The Lions Den