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Posts and resources from the wider BAM community

The All Important Power of Accountability – Third Path

This last post in the Value to Vision series deals with how to create a culture of accountability because even the very executable plan you read about in the previous post will experience “failure to launch” without accountability. Accountability is exactly what the word says. Account-ability. It’s the ability to give account, to tell the story, to give an update on progress and struggles in executing a responsibility, action plan or project. When I ask someone where they are on a particular task what I’m looking for is information, a story, an update. “I’m here” or “I’m behind” or “I need more resources” or “I could use your input.”

Do You Have What it Takes? – IBEC Ventures

While on a recent flight I picked up the Spring 2015 issue of Startups magazine.  An article by Marcia Layton Turner caught my eye: Get started: 12 signs you’ve got what it takes to start your own business. All twelve “signs” were intriguing reading and in this blog, I pick six of them and quote them – followed by an example from a BAM (Business As Mission) business I know.

From the Midwest to East Asia: Five Truths for Becoming a Professional-on-Mission – Skybridge

It’s tax season, and for Skybridge member Jay Ryan, that means long days at the office. But that’s not stopping the 20-something accountant from pressing ahead with plans to take his career abroad. Instead of spending the summer at his home in Kansas, Jay hopes to be in East Asia sharing the gospel. His goal is to go as a business volunteer or an English teacher initially, and then pursue full-time work there as an accountant. It’s a huge shift from the traditional career paths of many of his peers, and so I asked Jay how God had led him to become a professional-on-mission. He shared five truths that he’s gleaned from his journey thus far…

Christian Responses to Poverty: Shane Claiborne and Peter Greer – Hope International on YouTube

On March 3, 2015, Azusa Pacific University’s Department of History and Political Science welcomed Shane Claiborne, founding member of The Simple Way, and Peter Greer, president of HOPE International, to discuss their different approaches to helping the poor. The debate focused on having a heart and mind for those in poverty as well as examining domestic policy implications and global poverty.

Photo via: Skybridge