BAM Job Opportunities

Welcome to the updated list of BAM Job Opportunities on The BAM Review for March 2021.


Internships – Various BAM Companies

OPEN is looking for interns for between 6-12 weeks to work in BAM Companies in Africa, Middle East and all parts of Asia. On-site and virtual internships available now through 2021. More information


Sales and Marketing Team Leader – Manufacturer in Nepal

Our mission is to provide world-class, ethical manufacturing that empowers marginalized people and survivors of exploitation to fresh starts and fulfilled lives. The job purpose will be to increase our sales by effectively leading the marketing and sales team to find new contract sewing clients. As the marketing and sales team leader, you lead our marketing and sales efforts. You are an enthusiastic, motivated, and confident individual, passionate about results and growth. You can identify the right opportunities and enjoy connecting with potential clients. You can think strategically and manage a team of five people. Download Job Description


Coffee Roastery & Café for Sale – Hospitality Industry in Nepal

An existing business owner is seeking a buyer/investor-manager interested in carrying on the coffee operations for a well-established coffee business. It’s a great opportunity for someone looking to establish a presence in Nepal and avoid the heavy foreign investment requirement that is usually necessary. Download Purchase Prospectus


Various Positions – Handmade Production Company in South Asia

We are a business located in South Asia that is passionate to create employment for women at risk and survivors of trafficking. Through our non profit affiliate we provide a path to employment to ensure that women and children never face the threat of human trafficking again. Our company provides safe and secure employment, on site daycare facilities, and wrap around support allowing each woman to build a bright future for herself and her children. Every day we observe the transforming power of hope and love through employment. We are inviting someone with strong marketing and fundraising skills to grow and improve our production in order to provide more opportunities of freedom and hope to women and children. We currently are seeking people for the following roles:

Fundraising and Marketing Manager: Develop fundraising tools and strategies for our non profit, while also supporting staff to promote and sell our products and services in order to create holistic services and employment for survivors. More information

Production Manager: Oversee production systems and procedures, promoting efficiency and growth in order to grow as a brand and to employ more vulnerable women. More information

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Business as Mission: Looking Back and Looking Forward [Video]

Watch this 12 minute excerpt from a conversation Mats and Jo recently recorded on ‘The History of BAM‘. Hear some thoughts on the theme of ‘Celebrate’ for this month on The BAM Review, some of the history and context in which the current BAM movement fits, and some of the things we are looking forward to in BAM Global.

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Let’s Celebrate! Significant Growth Areas for BAM Over 20 Plus Years

by Jo Plummer

Business and mission have been woven together in various ways through history since Paul the Apostle made tents in New Testament times and modelled Christian leadership in the marketplace. However, through the 1970s, 80s and 90s there was a grassroots growth of business professionals and entrepreneurs seeking to intentionally integrate business and mission, marking the beginnings of the contemporary tentmaking and then business as mission movements. At the very end of the 1990s and the early 2000s, there was a burst of activity around  business as mission: consultations, conferences, books, articles, the first websites etc. – and this kick-started greater momentum in the BAM movement, which has been growing to this day.

The Business as Mission Resource Team (who develop this website and blog) celebrate our 20th anniversary this month, having been founded in March 2001. We’re in a celebrating mood!

Two years ago, to celebrate about 20 years since the term ‘business as mission’ was first used and discussed, we asked a group of BAM leaders to share their view on what progress we can celebrate in the BAM movement over the last 20 years or so. We’re reposting it this month as part of our CELEBRATION series.

What are some wins, or significant growth areas in business as mission that we should note and be thankful for?

The movement has gained traction. People now understand the legitimacy and role of BAM in particular and the calling of business in general for the Great Commission. New organizations have been founded to address the gaps in the BAM movement such as mentoring, funding, events for promoting and networking, etc. More established older organizations have begun embracing BAM ministry by starting a division, department or group focused on BAM. The biggest win for me is the wider acceptance of BAM as a way to impact the world for Christ by the global Church (with a capital C). We still have a ways to go, but the progress has been significant. God has used the BAM movement to move the needle. – Joseph Vijayam, BAM Practitioner & Lausanne Catalyst  Read more

Celebrating God’s Purposes for Business

by Jo Plummer

We have chosen the themes: CELEBRATE, CONNECT & CREATE for the upcoming BAM Global Congress.

As we gather the BAM movement together from every corner of the world, we want to:
+ CELEBRATE what God is doing through business around the world
+ CONNECT with a global network of collaborators
+ CREATE momentum for the future of business as mission

In March, as we prepare for the Congress next month (see information below), we are going to focus on the theme of CELEBRATE!

I believe that to do effective business as mission, we must start with a solid foundation of thinking about business from a biblical perspective. In other words, before we get to the ‘as mission’, we need to understand God’s design for business – and yes, celebrate it, because it is really good!

Celebrating God’s Purposes for Business

It is no secret that my favourite quote about business comes from Dallas Willard who said that, ‘Business is a primary moving force of the love of God in human history.’ [1]

Business, done well, is glorifying to God and has enormous potential to do good. Business has an innate God-given power to create dignified jobs, to multiply resources, to provide for families and communities and to push forward innovation and development in human society.

In Deuteronomy 8 we read that it is God who gives us the ability to produce wealth. He provides abundant natural resources so that we can use our creativity, talents, and hard work to provide for ourselves and innovate for society. Business processes naturally generate wealth and resources; companies are able to create good products and services for the benefit of communities. Business pushes forward innovation, helping societies develop; enterprises bring in new technologies, skills, and training to communities. Business, done well – not forgetting the Lord our God (Deut 8:11) – is glorifying to him.  Read more