10 Signs That I Have a Well Developed Theology of Work

These ideas come from a list of 47 signs by Worldview Matters.


I bear in mind daily that the two foremost workplace responsibilities I have are to love the Lord with all my heart, mind and strength, and to love my co-workers and customers as myself. Matt. 22:36-40

I communicate with God at work, and I ask Him for wisdom regarding the work I do. II Tim. 3:16-17; Rom. 1:18-20; James 1:5

I think about the fact that my workplace is a realm God intends for me to steward and govern over well. Gen. 1:26-28; Ps. 8:4-8

I think about my co-workers being spiritual as well as a physical beings, having both physical and spiritual needs. Gen. 2:7; Deut. 6:5

I am conscious of the fact that since I am a believer in Christ, and I have the Holy Spirit dwelling within me, He empowers me to live a God-glorifying life in the workplace in all circumstances. I John. 4:4

I remember that to obey God in all work-related things is the most intelligent thing I can do. Ps.119:97-99

I remind myself that Christ’s Great Commission to “make disciples” can be fulfilled by me through the work I do on a daily basis. Matt. 28:18-20

I bear in mind that by God’s grace, He will work through me to bring His light to every sphere of my workplace. God desires His will to be done in my workplace, as it is in heaven, through my work. Luke 11:2; Matt. 5:13-16

I remind myself frequently that by God’s grace, I can model what it means to be a dedicated follower of Christ by joyfully observing His commands in the context of my daily work. God is my ultimate Employer. I work for Him. Matt. 28:19-20; Col. 3:23

I celebrate that the real purpose of all work with is found in Christ’s purpose for all things, and that good work, done for Him and for His glory, has eternal significance. Col. 1:16-20; Rev. 4:11; Eph. 2:10; Rev. 21

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