What in the World is God Doing through Business as Mission?! [Video]

We are starting a new series for October on ‘What in the World is God Doing through Business as Mission?!’ We are aiming to ‘put the global into BAM Global’ by highlighting encouraging BAM developments from different parts of the world throughout this month.


First up, here’s a primer from one of our global leaders, Mats Tunehag, on the global business as mission movement and how it has been growing.


Putting the Global into BAM Global

  • Business as Mission (BAM) is a biblical concept; BAM is also a practice, a particular way of doing business; and it is a global movement made up of many companies and organisations around the world.
  • People from all continents and backgrounds are involved in business as mission – those engaged in business, as well as mission agencies, churches and academic institutions.
  • Networks are collaborating across the world, sharing fruitful practices and connecting for greater Kingdom impact.
  • Did you know that some of the oldest established BAM networks come from Asia, for example Indonesia and South Korea?
  • As well asa growing number of BAM companies, there are initiatives helping the BAM ecosystem to flourish, including investment, mentoring, prayer, mobilisation and network building, among many others.
  • BAM regional networks are growing around the world, with BAM resources being developed in different languages – look out for some reports from different regions coming up this month on the blog.
  • Discover more about what we do at BAM Global here: bamglobal.org/about


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Mats Tunehag is a senior global ambassador for BAM and has worked in over half the countries of the world. He is the chairman of BAM Global and contributes to TransformationalSME.org. Visit MatsTunehag.com for BAM resources in 23 languages.