BAM Job Opportunities in Nepal and Southeast Asia

BAM Company Jobs

Software Developer / Business Partner – IT Company in Nepal

We are looking for a software developer / business partner to join a company with 4 current shareholders. We produce a product that manages pharmaceutical supply chains in developing countries. We have an office in Kathmandu with about 10 Nepali staff, 5 of whom are regularly coding. Our sister company has an office in New Zealand, and we also have partners in the UK and Australia. The job would involve some software development work yourself, but with a greater focus on training, mentoring and managing the work of other staff.

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Account Executive – Web Essentials in Cambodia

Passionate about developing software and developing people? We are looking for an experienced Account Executive to join our Switzerland or Phnom Penh based team. You will play an integral role in growing our sales within Switzerland, Germany and Europe and opening new markets for our services. We are pioneering fair trade software development and we are looking for like-minded people to come onboard. We know you will build life-long friendships and be a part of a rewarding vision to build up people to live out their God-given capacity within a fun and challenging environment. 

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Paying Taxes with a Mountain of Cash: A Taxing Story!

Death and taxes, though often said to be the only sure things in life, are not often a source of amusement. However, here is a funny story from one tourism business in Asia that had to pay their taxes the hard way.

Three years after opening their tourism business, the department of tourism finally created the proper paperwork for filing the tourism tax. In developing countries systems and processes are a work in progress. The company paid their other government taxes when due but with the tourism tax, they set aside money in the bank until the government processes were in place. Three years of taxes added up to approximately US$25,000.

Due to risk of corruption, the tax office required that the payment clear the account on the same day it was received. No money could be left in the account overnight. There was no guarantee that a check would clear or a wire transfer go through in the suitable amount of time prior to the end of a day’s work, so cold hard cash was the only acceptable form of payment.

On the morning of paying the tourism tax, the owners parked the company car in front of their bank and walked in with backpacks and duffle bags to make the withdrawal. Not knowing how much space US$25,000 in local currency would require, they tried to plan accordingly. Read more

BAM Job Opportunities in Asia and Africa

BAM Company Jobs

Project Manager – Software Development Company in Vietnam

We are an IT outsourcing company located in SE Asia and are currently looking to hire a Project Manager to join our growing team. This person will help us plan, schedule and control all project activities to ensure project requirements are met, and provide leadership while building positive professional relationships with clients and team members. We are also looking for someone who can take an active role in discipling our staff and interns. Previous work experience is important but we are open to training and working with this individual if we feel that they have the right heart and personality fit for our company.

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Operations Manager – Boutique Resort in Southeast Asia

Under the supervision of the President/Director(s), the Operations Manager is overall responsible for the operations of properties owned or managed by the “Boutique Resort Company” and will develop leadership teams and departments to ensure our vision, mission, goals, and values are being fulfilled through each property. The ideal candidate is someone who is in their 50’s and has over a decade of operational experience in the hospitality industry and has a missional heart. They have had a successful career, but now want to turn that success into significance. They have the energy and drive to contribute to our work for at least the next 5 years.

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Kayaking and the Kingdom in Norway

Taking in the View

At the top of the glacier there is a remarkable view…. a breath-taking scape of mountains and ice. Anne regularly leads groups to this beautiful place… and she takes them kayaking, hiking, skiing and caving too! Anne is the owner of small business NorTrex based in Nordland, just inside the Artic Circle in nothern Norway. To Anne the view from the glacier has everything to do with building God’s Kingdom in this beautiful and rugged community.

Anne has a passion for outdoor activities and also for influencing her community for Christ. “To me, being a Christian is about doing whatever you do with great passion and devotion… I really have a deep desire to point people to God by using sports and outdoor activities”.  As a teenager in The Netherlands Anne began to think about how to use outdoor activities to change and influence society and as a result she went to a YWAM Discipleship Training School (DTS) in Norway in 2003 that had a focus on the outdoors.

Over the following years as a YWAMer she lead outreaches among skiers and snowboarders. As a qualified guide and outdoor leader she took DTS teams out into the wilds of Nordland to do team building and other outdoor activities.

Getting into Business

Her vision for the local community developed over the years, but initially business was not at the top of Anne’s list of things to do. However, that changed when she got involved with an innovation and entrepreneurship program at a nearby university that required her to write a business plan. “After a while, I realized that a business model might be the best way to achieve the dreams I had for using outdoor activities, it would allow me to get in touch with the community and really make an impact on the region.”  Read more