Starting out on Unique BAM Paths: Two More Stories

This month we are starting a blog series that will explore different pathways into BAM and different ways to be involved. We begin this month with the topic of getting involved in doing BAM yourself. In the coming months, we’ll explore more ideas for enabling, resourcing and connecting others to do BAM.

In Part 1 of this two part series, we shared two unique stories of how God led people to get involved with BAM.

Here are two more stories highlighting different ways to get involved. In the first, Danilo shares how he is has integrated BAM principles into an existing business. In the second, JC started working remotely for a BAM company in his first job out of college. We hope these will encourage you that there are many different paths into business as mission!

Danilo, CEO of Snowman Labs

Danilo, age 34, holds a degree in Computer Networks, and was born and raised in the south of Brazil in a Christian family. His father is a pastor, which deeply influenced Danilo’s upbringing. Danilo loves Jesus, his family, people, technology, and innovation. Those passions opened up the doors for starting Snowman Labs, a digital solution company helping clients navigate their digital transformation challenges. Danilo is currently the CEO of Snowman Labs, where their purpose is to let people experience the kindness and love of God through technology, innovation, and UX/UI design. 

What motivated you to get involved with business as mission?

Actually, it was God who led me to BAM after years of wrestling with my views on the sacred-secular divide in business. I used to see business and serving the Lord as polar opposites. But, through God’s grace, I now see BAM as a natural integration of my faith and professional life.

My journey began in early February 2018 during a service in Brazil, where I heard João Mordomo speak on 1 Peter 2:9. His message, that not all of us would have a call to full-time ministry, but we are all full-time ministers, profoundly changed my outlook. I sought João out for lunch to learn more about BAM, and he has since become a pivotal mentor in guiding me toward integrating these principles into Snowman Labs.

What is your role in Snowman Labs?

As CEO, my role is to steer Snowman Labs toward the vision God has imparted to us. This aligns perfectly with my strengths, especially since it involves overseeing sales, a domain I’m passionate about. My love for our vision and responsibility in sales creates a synergy that drives me daily.

You transitioned Snowman Labs to incorporate BAM principals. Did you run into any challenges or discouragements along the way?

Honestly, starting in BAM felt like a path God had prepared for me, so the initial steps were surprisingly smooth. The real challenges came later as I worked to weave BAM concepts into our company’s culture.

Initially, people felt a little weird with the practices and actions that we incorporated into the business. For them, it’s not usual in a business to pray when problems come or to ever assume a sacrificial posture with clients (i.e. losing money). However, embracing these practices has led to an incredible journey filled with testimonies. It has been a process of growth and adaptation, not just for me but for the entire team.

It was a culture shock, but we navigated these changes with patience and faith. The transition to incorporating BAM into our business felt so aligned with God’s guidance that nothing seemed unusual or unconventional. It was a seamless shift in mindset, guided by faith.

JC, Marketing Specialist in a BAM Company

JC is in his mid twenties and works remotely with a BAM company from Texas.  After graduating in 2022 with a bachelor’s degree in Communication & Leadership, he started working with a BAM company based out of Asia. While in college, JC was involved in a student ministry, where he caught a passion for God’s heart for the world. During university, he shared Jesus with many people on his campus and watched many come to know Him also! During his time in college, he participated in a 9-month church group program that focused on preparing those interested in living overseas. Although JC didn’t go overseas, the program and what he has learned in the meantime continues to shape his vision for his life and fuel the flame that the Lord has placed on his heart.

What motivated you to become involved with business as mission? What motivated you to join the company you’re in now?

This is my first job out of college. I have never worked with a BAM company before and honestly, I wasn’t even in the “BAM world” when I got involved.

But, I was motivated to join the BAM world and via this company because of my previous interest and involvement in the nations that the Lord placed on my heart during college. I was excited to get a new perspective on how God reaches the world!

Did you do anything to prepare for joining a BAM company?

I didn’t have much time to prepare! As soon as I graduated, I connected with this company and then began work less than a month after the initial interview. Three weeks later, I was off to a 3-month training in Asia.

Most of my “preparations” happened in the moment (and there were many learning moments, haha!) If I were to do it again, I think I would have taken more time to prepare ahead of time, but I had no way of knowing what to expect.

Did you face any challenges or discouragements in your joining process?

I didn’t face any challenges or discouragements while getting ready to start. Those came during my time in Asia, as I was getting introduced to the world of BAM in a very hands-on fashion. It has been a great experience to keep with me, though, as I now have a real perspective on what my overseas colleagues are experiencing while I work in the US. I not only have knowledge about how my role plays a part on the other side of the world but have experienced the results of that.

Having workers in the US has helped our Asia team grow and continue to grow.


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