Five Tips for Starting a BAM Journey

Getting stirred up for business as mission? Wondering how to get started, here are our top five tips:

1. Seek the Lord

Take time to pray. If God is calling you to serve Him in business, ask where, when, how, with who? What path of preparation is He leading you on?

2. Connect with BAM stories

Read about real business as mission experiences, or go to an event where you will hear practitioners share their stories. Stories bring ideas alive for us by literally lighting up more areas of our brain!

3. Find a Community

Find or create a community that is going to provide support for you in your BAM journey. Find a BAM mentor or connect with a like-minded group that will help hone your vision, pray with you and ask the tough questions.

4. Make it Concrete

Set goals, write down your ideas, articulate the possibilities. The next step in your BAM journey is not going to happen by itself. Prayfully document and capture your ideas to  bring clarity to the next step.

5. Take a First Step

Identify the next step or two that has emerged out of the process of seeking the Lord, hearing BAM stories, getting counsel from others and making a plan. Go!

By Evan McCall and Jo Plummer. Evan and Jo are part of the Business as Mission Resource Team, collaborating to produce the BAM website. 

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