What is the Sacred-Secular Divide? 3 Short Videos

The sacred-secular divide is an unbiblical way of thinking about the world that pervades the modern church globally. It deeply affects the way we think about business and work and is one of the most frequently mentioned barriers to understanding and engagement in business as mission. In the coming weeks we will hear stories and teaching that will help to break down the sacred-secular divide. These three short videos, each just a few minutes long, will help answer the question, What is the Sacred-Secular Divide?

Mark Greene – London Institute for Contemporary Christianity

The sacred-secular divide is the pervasive belief that some things are really important to God, and that other things aren’t… 

Freedom to Flourish – Institute for Faith Work and Economics

Worship is not reserved only for Sunday morning, but for Monday morning as well…


Dallas Willard: Whole Lyfe – Bible Society

This distinction between sacred and secular is actually a little ridiculous when you stop and think about it…


Image via LICC video

This article was first published April 2015.