Growing a Kingdom-Minded Business Community in Indonesia

Kingdom Business Community (KBC) is a network for Christian business people in Indonesia. Describing itself as a marketplace ministry movement with ‘business as mission’ concerns, it is one of the largest networks of mission-focused business people in the world.

KBC began in 2005 with 10 couples of business friends from the same church who dreamed of catalyzing transformation on a national level through the practice of business. Ten years later, KBC has trained thousands of business people and hosts 30 training camps each year in five different regions around the country.

Kingdom Business Community adalah pelayanan marketplace di Indonesia yang aktif dan telah memiliki lebih dari 5.500 alumni beserta jaringannya dan memfokuskan pada pertumbuhan pemimpin usaha (GLORY LEADERS) serta membangun perusahaan yang didorong oleh tujuan yang baik.

KBC didirikan pada 14 Januari 2005, dipelopori oleh 10 pasang suami istri yang pada saat itu sedang menangani acara “Business As Mission” di Jakarta Sejak itu KBC terus berkembang hingga 6 kota (Jakarta, Surabaya, Semarang, Bali, Bandung dan Jogyakarta) dengan lebih dari 200 fasilitator dan mentor yang mendukung secara penuh kegerakan KBC.

Vision and Mission of KBC

Vision: A God-centered marketplace community.

Mission: Building Kingdom-mindset business community – including in underprivileged communities – and help them:

  • Grow in Truth
  • Grow in Competence 
  • Grow in Care

KBC runs camps and events to envision and equip Christian business people to apply their gifts and skills for the Kingdom of God. Through teaching and groups they help people repurpose their business or professional life to be more intentionally missional. 

KBC encourages its members to become ‘GLORY  Leaders’ and apply five basic values to their life in business:

  • God-centeredness
  • Loyal to process
  • Obedient to truth
  • Real spirit of excellence
  • Yielding rights
KBC Initiatives

After more than 10 years of operations, KBC has started various equipping initiatives and training programs through which thousands of business men and women have been trained.

Camp Sukses Sejati (True Success Camp)True Success Camp is a training vessel for businessmen and professionals to help them apply the truths and principles of the Kingdom of God in the business world, to develop employment skills, and build awareness of others. True Success Camp encourages business people to learn in community, with mutual help, in order to grow together in their business life and jobs. By attending this camp, attendees will be able to understand the purpose of business or work. The aim is that they will be able include God in every step of their life in the marketplace.

Road To Success – Is similar to True Success Camp, but can be attended by business professionals from all religious backgrounds.

Kingdom Financial Class Kingdom Financial Class (KFC) is designed to provide an understanding of personal and family financial management.

Dare to Succeed – A camp popular among young people to build faith and the correct paradigm for bringing the Kingdom of God in the world of business and work.

BizCom (Business Community)A forum for alumni of True Success Camp to explore the values ​​of the Kingdom of God so that they can practice them more concretely in the world of business and work. BizCom will increase competence in business through the sharing of experiences among members.

BizCom Gleam –  A coaching programs that is more integrated and focused than BizCom for Alumni of True Success Camp. BizCom Gleam discusses eight topics over eight session to help attendees be a ‘Glory Leader’, growing in truth, expertise and concern.

Komunitas Fasilitator (Community Facilitator) Training for alumni of True Success Camp who want to serve in future camps as a facilitator.

Marketplace Gathering – Marketplace Gathering events aim to improve the competence of Camp alumni and the general public in order to create the movement of business services that reflect God’s kingdom. Events present speakers who are competent in their field.

Business Skill Training & Seminar Training programs or seminars in particular business skills to equip the business community in developing competence.

Business Mentoring (Alumni Business Suport) – Business and professional mentoring program provided for Camp alumni who need assistance to overcome challenges and problems being faced. KBC provides people skilled in business to provide advice and input.

You can read more about Kingdom Business Community at their website.

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Part of this profile of KBC was first published in the BAM Global Think Tank Advocacy and Mobilisation Report.