7 BAMers Talk About Why Their Industry is Strategic

We’ve been taking an in depth look at BAM companies in the IT Industry in the last few weeks. Here’s what two BAM company owners said about how IT is strategic for business as mission:

The advantage of an IT company for a B4T is that programming is a skillset that transcends borders and language. Code is the same everywhere and can be used anywhere in the world, so in theory an IT company can be set up anywhere in the world as long as there is electricity and an internet connection. It is an industry that is and will continue to be in high demand.  – Yumi, IT, Vietnam

Technology has real implications for humankind, it can be used to enlighten the world and make it a better place, or it can destroy humanity. As Christian technologists we have the awesome opportunity to bring honor and Glory to God in all that we do. We are here to reflect His character in ourselves and in the technology we build. – Joseph, IT, India

BAM practitioners are in many different industries. Here are other BAMers sharing why they have found their particular business strategic:

What kept me going were the opportunities I had for sharing the gospel through relationships. I could be a witness through my natural life and be in places, with people that I would otherwise have no contact with, such as other business owners and Communist Party officials. Gabriella, Import-Export, China and Brazil

Thrive’s vision is to revolutionize the supply chain in coffee and, for the first time, include the producers (farmers) as true stakeholders. Living out the Gospel in business is the core of what drives Thrive Farmers. By integrating Biblical principles and loving people as Jesus did, they earn the right to share who they are. They envision a day where they can partner with ministries around the world to be very intentional about sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ—the true source of transformation—in every region where coffee is grown. Thrive Farmers, Agriculture and Marketing, Costa Rica

Discipling people and talking about the love of Jesus is wonderful in the workplace, I love to be able to do it. Through the years, and with our share of mistakes, we have learned that business is a opportunity for fellowship and discipling and having a well balanced team of people, Christians and non-Christians. Merari, Retail, Puerto Rico

In a sense, the quality of care for one another in the company is an equally desired product of the business as a good cup of coffee. Concepts we teach, like forgiveness, kindness and so on, become real and implanted in a persons character, in the context of relationships. This is where the real meaning of those company values comes alive. Ben, Hospitality, Asia

A garment manufacturing business has been a natural solution to meet the goals the team wants to accomplish. They want to be able to give good jobs to vulnerable and exploited people, with a low threshold for training and a quick onboard process for new hires. As well as those being trained in garment production, they are also providing other jobs that don’t require such a high education level. Peter and Marit, Manufacturing, Nepal

There are many BAM models, strategies and approaches. God is creative and He has made each of us to be creative. There is no single BAM model that will work for everyone, everywhere. Today there are BAMers all over the world, with all kinds of business models in all kinds of sectors. What we do know is that whatever the industry, there will be opportunities to provide good jobs or needed products and services in communities; there will be opportunities to disrupt industries for the better, to transform working practices, and to share the good news of Jesus in the context of daily business life.