9 Strategies to Fortify Your BAM Team Against Spiritual Attack

Every business has its challenges, but BAM businesses face unique trials from the enemy who comes “to steal, kill and destroy” (John 10:10) and preys on weak points in the company as well as employee relationships. The following are nine ways to specifically position your team to be ready for the hardships that may come.

1. Be on the same page

Your decision makers need to share an understanding of the vision and values that guide the company. Discuss your vision and values from the beginning, and revisit them on a consistent basis.

2. Communicate consistently

Good communication doesn’t happen organically or naturally, but requires intentionality. Setting up good avenues for communication include having regular reviews and scheduled team meetings, as well as prioritizing clearing up discrepancies as soon as they arise.

3. Establish good boundaries between work and nonwork friendships

Some BAM employees end up spending every waking moment together and get burnt out on each other. It’s encouraged to have a variety of friends inside the business as well as outside. 

4. Be honest

This is crucial. Cultivating a spirit of respectful honesty can be painful and humbling, but it will also mean that issues are dealt with right away and allow for forgiveness and the healing that comes with it. Without this, resentment will grow.

5. Build trust

To reach the kind of honesty required, there has to be trust built into your relationships. Although a business partnership is far less of a commitment than a marriage vow, that same covenantal willingness to stick it out through the difficulties fosters a deepened relationship that can withstand challenges. Create opportunities to build trust outside the workplace in genuine relationship, as opposed to only a work relationship. See #7 below. The kind of trust required also allows you to be vulnerable with each other and know that the other person is not going to abuse that vulnerability.

6. Genuinely encourage each other

It’s important to build trust through genuine encouragement, and the more you do it, the more it will become a natural part of your leadership style and company culture. As the business leader, be determined to build a company culture of encouragement by modeling it. This can include finding ways to specifically affirm your team members on a regular basis, and pointing out people’s strengths at team meetings and in front of your investors/advisory board.

7. Have fun!

Is there a spirit of laughter and joy in your team? Do you value just spending time with one another beyond the practicalities of accomplishing tasks? If your answer is no to these questions, pray and seek God about how to build fun into your team. Without it, strain, stress, and tension will fester and grow.

8. Prioritize Prayer

Cultivate your own relationship with the Lord and prioritize prayer, both individually and within your leadership team. Pray at least weekly for your employees and the business. Prayer is a measure of your dependence on the Lord.

9. Celebrate Progress

Choosing to acknowledge and celebrate progress, even seemingly small things, can foster optimism and boost morale. Prioritizing times during weekly meetings to make note of small victories and team members’ diligence strengthens unity and the practice of encouragement. A little bit of affirmation and celebration can go a long way!

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By Joyce Ahn


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 Joyce Ahn is a regular guest contributor for The BAM Review.