10 Critical Human Resource Challenges in Business as Mission

We asked 25 BAM Practitioners one simple question:

What have been the most important HR issues in your BAM business experience?

Here are the Top 10 issues that they mentioned the most:


1. Finding the complete package
Recruiting and hiring people with the right mix of business skills, character formation and mission-motivation.


2. Cultural differences
Dealing with different cultural norms between expat staff or business owners and national staff, that significantly impacts the business operations.


3. Disappointment over Christian staff
Finding that Christians hired into the company do not have the right work ethic, competencies or even expected moral standards.


4. Lack of required skills in employees
The need for significant training and staff development when hiring locally, especially when targeting job creation for a specific group.


5. Setting salaries
Compensating appropriately for the context and goals of the company along with meeting salary expectations among a wide range of employees.


6. Hiring and promoting non-believing staff
Handling the hiring and development of non-Christians within the company in an appropriate way.


7. Firing in an honoring manner
Terminating employment in a company that is about more than the financial bottom line – and avoiding hiring the wrong people in the first place.


8. Cultural tensions between national employees
Difficulties that arise when people with different social status and cultural values work together in the same company.


9. Staying legal
Conforming to government regulations, especially for a small companies or those that are in areas of high corruption.


10. Staff reliability
High staff turnover, lack of loyalty and high absenteeism.


We unpack these top 10 challenges and share the HR experiences of BAM practitioners from around the world:

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With Thanks to all the BAM Practitioners that responded with insights into their business experiences.