1 Thing You Can Do to Get Better Equipped and Connected for BAM

The answer, of course, is the join us at a BAM Global Online Event!

Admittedly, this one is a bit of a cheat because we didn’t have a post with the number 1 in the title that we could share with you for our Summer Series 2022 Countdown series!

However, we do genuinely believe the best way to be better equipped and connected in the business as mission community is by literally connecting… at an online or in-person event.

So we wanted to use this opportunity to remind you about the wonderful program of BAM Global Online Events coming up this Autumn in September, October and November. These events are designed to equip you wherever you are on your BAM journey – whether you are totally new, or a seasoned veteran.

Our BAM Connect event in October is even free to attend, we just want you to be able to connect and learn from others. October will have a focus on connecting, but September and November will be about both equipping and connecting:

The September BAM Global Conference Online will be our flagship BAM event this year, an online global gathering for the business as mission community. Discover more about how God is using companies around the world to bring His Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. Learn how BAM enterprises are addressing issues such as: the challenge of reaching the remaining unreached peoples with the gospel, environmental degradation and lack of creation care, slavery and exploitation, rising unemployment due to the pandemic and wars, economic injustice and poverty.

The November BAM Booster Webinar is designed to deepen and sustain BAM impact through practical equipping for BAM practitioners with workshops focused on preparing and doing business as mission. JOIN US!

Early Bird prices for a TWO EVENT PASS for the September and November events end on the 31st August. So get your ticket while you are thinking about it and join us at a BAM Global Event this year (or three!)

Here’s a quick overview of our remaining events this year and click the button below for lots more information…


FLAGSHIP TICKETED ONLINE EVENT: Join us for a day of unique BAM content and virtual networking, with Main Stage broadcasts repeated for East & West time zones and a joint schedule of breakouts in between.


FREE EVENT: BAM Networking event with at BAM Townhall gathering, plus Regional, Industry, & Issue-focused Roundtables


TICKETED EVENT: Boost your BAM know-how and connections with this Booster Webinar, designed to allow you to go deeper in your BAM practice and further on your BAM journey

 Jo Plummer is the co-chair of BAM Global and the author and editor of many business as mission papers and articles, including the BAM Global Think Tank Report series. She is a Lausanne Catalyst for Business as Mission and the co-editor of the Lausanne Occasional Paper on Business as Mission. She has been developing resources for BAM since 2001 and currently serves as Editor of this Business as Mission website and blog.