The Creation of Wealth

Recovering a Christian Understanding of Money, Work, and Ethics

Fred Catherwood

In every realm of life, the Christian ethics and moral order that powered the West to prosperity are under attack. Our new moral mentors have been telling us that there is no absolute right or wrong, that there are many gods, that ours is a chaotic universe and thus we need not regard the value of human life, self-discipline, or stewardship. But recent events have made us more aware than ever of the corruption and the evil that exist within our world. Sadly, these worldviews have seeped into our work, and it has cost us greatly as a civilation and as individuals.

The right course for Christians is to “earn our way back” to a place of respect by taking care of the human problems that have been created by the secular humanistic agenda. The core beliefs that made the Western world are Christian beliefs, and these must be restored and put back into practice today.

This is the heart of Sir Fred Catherwood’s message. He draws on his vast experience in business and international politics to show how vital Christian morality is to our work, our handling of money, and even in the international scheme of things. As he discusses the global economy and the effects of e-commerce on it, the role of governments and politics, and the leadership qualities that are needed to help recover the Christian virtues throughout society, he also communicates the consequences we suffer when we neglect those virtues.

You’ll find this book to be a biblically minded guide to understanding the essentials of economics and how Christian beliefs can be integrated into the commercial world.

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