Unashamedly Ethical


Unashamedly Ethical is a global community of Christians who are making a stand for values, ethics and clean living. Unashamedly Ethical was born from a realisation that the tide of corruption and unethical behaviour in our institutions and societies can only be stemmed by active opposition to such behaviour.

Unashamedly Ethical provides resources and a toolkit for individuals, companies and organizations to make a stand against corruption.

Unashamedly Ethical envisions a wave of positive transformation sweeping across Africa and the globe as people start rising up in every nation, assuming positions of strength and courage, and committing to a lifestyle of ethics, values and clean living.

Unashamedly Ethical challenges all individuals and organisations to sign a pledge to be unashamedly ethical; connect members through an online directory; and hold them accountable through ombudsmen.

UE is centered around a campaign based on three pillars:

1. COMMITMENT: Challenging people to make a public commitment to ‘ethics, values and clean living’.

2. COMMUNITY: Encouraging individuals and organisations to register on an online directory with the aim of forming an Unashamedly Ethical network.

3. ACCOUNTABILITY: Holding signatories accountable to Ombudsmen and Ombudswomen appointed in different parts of the world by Unashamedly Ethical who reviews and seeks to resolve written complaints against any signatory.