The Legacy of William Carey

A Model for the Transformation of a Culture

Vishal & Ruth Mangalwadi 

Crossway Books, 1999

William Carey was an industrialist, an economist, a reformer, a media pioneer, an educator, a botanist and a Christian missionary. Although we often think of William Carey as ‘the father of modern missions’, he had a tremendously broad influence upon Indian society. William Carey was concerned with the salvation of individuals, but he did not stop there, he made an impact on the social, economic, environmental fabric of the community, as well as a moral and spiritual impact. In this book Vishal and Ruth Mangalwadi look at this historical example and draw out principles that have contemporary significance. There conclusion is that William Carey’s pioneering work in India in the late 1790s and early 1800s offer us a model for the transformation of a culture.