Business Power for God’s Purpose

Partnership with the Unreached

Heinz Suter and Marco Gmur

VKG, 1997

How can business power be used for God’s purpose? In a world of global economic turmoil and insecurity, of corruption and incredible social injustice, of suffering and poverty, there is no shortage of challenging areas in which to invest resources in the kingdom of God. Businesspeople can be of great service in the advancement of the kingdom of God, making use of their business networks, expertise, influence, logistical, personal and financial resources to help plant churches where Christ is not yet known. If you want to know how you can help meet this challenge and how you can be a part of this great task, this book is for you! Includes sections on biblical teaching, historical examples, contemporary tentmaking and ethics, before exploring some applications, principles and recommendations for business power for God’s purpose today.