God is at Work

Transforming People and Nations Through Business

Kenneth Eldred

Regal Books, 2005

There is an important role for Christian business people in effecting real change in developing countries, and many are already taking up the mantle. They are pursuing Kingdom business, for-profit business ventures designed to facilitate the transformation of people and nations. God is at Work deals with this emerging missions movement, one in which Christians are meeting significant spiritual and economic needs in the developing world. Learn why Christian business people are uniquely equipped to address poverty, a disease that afflicts many millions around the world. Discover the colorful two thousand year history of business as a missions vehicle. Meet those engaged in exciting Kingdom business ventures today even in areas mostly closed to the gospel. This book is a must read for Kingdom-minded business people, development workers, pastors, missionaries, students, in short, for anyone who wants to see God at work transforming the world.