Book: Tentmaking Fails

7 Reasons Tentmaking Businesses Fail

Lessons Learned in Business as Mission

Toby Miles

Kindle eBook – February 4, 2014


Why do so many tentmaking businesses fail?

Have you ever wondered if tentmaking is a realistic model for missions today?

The head of a funding organization said to me, “I’ve been working along side tentmakers for 20 years and I have never seen a business that is profitable, sustainable, and effective in ministry! So why should we invest our time and energy into a model that doesn’t work?”

Since that time I have been asking myself?

“Is the model wrong?”
Is tentmaking a waste of time?
When we speak of Business as Missions, are we just talking about a pie-in-the-sky theory?
Did the Apostle Paul fail in his profession?

Absolutely not!

Tentmaking businesses have failed because of 7 foundational reasons.

These key reasons need to be identified and addressed to re-energize the tentmaking model.

And that’s why I wrote this book!

You won’t get a ton of business theory or strategy. This will only make you feel overwhelmed and unsure of how to move forward. Instead, I’ll share some real life stories from lessons that I have learned from my tentmaking experiences.

I will address the 7 key reasons that tentmaking businesses fail and offer simple points of action to help.

Reason 1 – Faulty Foundations
Reason 2 – I have to work?
Reason 3 – Financially Feeble
Reason 4 – Anyone got experience?
Reason 5 – Poor Planning Paralyzes
Reason 6 – The Mystery of Marketing
Reason 7 – Did you see that coming?