24 Essential Drivers of Small Business Success

Evan Keller
  • GROWBOOK IS… hard-won know-how from seasoned entrepreneurs – a quick-reference guide to activating the 24 essential drivers of small business success.
  • FOR MATURING YOUR BUSINESS: Everyone writes about how to start a business. Believe it or not – that’s the easy part! But how do you transform a cash-strapped venture where you’re wearing way too many hats into a thriving company of strong teammates, growing profits, and raving fans? If that’s your question, this is your book!
  • BY & FOR SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS: Why are most small business books written by corporate types and filled with corporate-speak? Finally a down-to-earth book written by and for small business owners. This book isn’t about how to merely run a business; instead it advises the specific actions that drive success. There’s a million things you could try, but why not focus on these 24 proven ways to spur growth? We’ve bootstrapped successful businesses from nothing, so we know how to cut through the clutter and give you straight-up advice that works. Success isn’t easy, but it can be made simple.
  • IN QUICK-SCAN FORMAT: There are enough business allegories out there. No sifting through a make believe story here – just clear steps to take and real-life case studies to illustrate them. We devote a whole chapter to each of the 24 growth drivers, and arrange each chapter in a quick-reference format, with sections on What, Why, How, and Now What. No fluff – just highly concentrated wisdom to grow your business.
  • FIGHTING POVERTY WITH 100% OF PROFITS: GrowBook is written by business owners who coach others in several countries. We’re donating all profits from this book to our nonprofit – royalties are over-rated! Your buying this book will enable us to better “mentor and train entrepreneurs to grow companies, create jobs, and help communities thrive.”
  • Now available in English, French, Spanish, and Haitian Creole.

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