Business 4 Blessings workbooks


Business 4 Blessing Alliance (B4B) offers a series of workbooks to better your business, refine your skills, and to help you determine how to be most effective in business. As we build this section please check back frequently for the latest workbook selections.

We’ve taught around the world about the biblical principles of business. We’ve worked with large and small businesses to develop the practical application of biblical principles in the difficulties of running a business in today’s competitive world.

What we are talking about is not just giving a nod to ethical business. It’s about putting biblical principles in the DNA of your business. Our newest workbook: Designing your Business 4 Blessing, walks you through just that. We want to share what we have learned with you in a way that allows you to work through your business ideas, not just have a Right/Wrong check box.

    The 6 chapters of his workbook will help you think it through for yourself:

  • 1. A Biblical Framework for Business
  • 2. Theology of Work
  • 3. Theology of Business
  • 4. Theology of Mission: Sharing faith
  • 5. Putting the Design Together: Making Complexity Simple
  • 6. Reflection and Next Steps

Additionally we wanted to make it easy for you to do the Bible study. Rather than just give you a long list of scriptures to look up, we’ve provided Appendixes with lots of scriptures categorized and written out. That makes it easier to use. Of course, you may have additional scriptures so there is room on each page for you to add what is important to you.

Our Annotated Bibliography provides you with a number of other books that you will find helpful to your thinking. Because good people have different ideas we have a paper on how Grudem and Burkett look at biblical business differently.

There is a small charge to download and print the workbook, but we believe in the biblical principle that a “workman is worthy of his hire.” You must too or you wouldn’t be thinking about starting this business.