Transformed Working Life

ICCC’s Transformed Working Life (TWL) training will help you understand that work is a fundamental calling from God for everyone. Work has its full meaning when we recognise God’s pleasure as we serve man and creation through our work-life. Ultimately, work is our act of worship to God.

By renewing our minds with God’s truth, TWL re-orientates us away from humanistic thinking that causes us to act primarily in dependence upon our own strength and understanding and toward adopting the mind and thinking of Christ so that we work in dependence upon God. It is to enter into the rest and liberty in Christ for which we have been created including in our work.

Through its courses and materials, TWL enables you to not merely agree with God’s Word in relation to your work-life but to hear and understand it – be fully associated with it – know it by faith and by experience. In knowing the Word, you will be set free to bear kingdom fruit and become a part of God’s continuous creation process for the good of mankind. This is the manifestation of the kingdom of God at work.