Third Path Initiative

Third Path equips young professionals to have a Kingdom impact through profitable business in the global marketplace. Third Path is not a school. Third Path is not a Bible study. It’s not a “conference.” Third Path is a process of equipping and preparing the next generation of Business as Mission leaders.

We are offering a 12-month online educational experience for aspiring Christian entrepreneurs, missionaries, and world changers. You will learn practical steps to turn your business idea into a reality. If you don’t even have an idea, that’s okay too. You may want to start a business to change the world or to add an additional income stream for your family, either way is fine with us as long as your heart is to glorify God and love others in all you do with your business. Every educational membership helps support business as mission efforts in the 1040 window through our partner IMED.

  • Learn to glorify God and love others with business.
  • Start your own business.
  • Be part of a global Christian entrepreneurial community.
  • Join God’s movement in business.
  • Find more freedom and possibly change the world.

During the course, you will start your own business. We will help you and so will our global Christian entrepreneurial community. We’re taking this journey together.