Theology of Work Project

The Theology of Work Project exists to help people explore what the Bible and the Christian faith can contribute to ordinary work. The Christian scriptures have much to say about work, although we may not be aware of it.

The Theology of Work Project is an independent, international organization dedicated to researching, writing, and distributing materials with a biblical perspective on non-church workplaces. Wherever possible, we collaborate with other faith-and-work organizations, churches, universities and seminaries to help equip workplace Christians for meaningful and fruitful work of every kind.


God’s Word for Work

God’s Word for Work is a free online group Bible study that explores God’s guidance and purpose for your work!

Join us for Bible study at one (or all) of the times below via Zoom. Each study will be facilitated by Theology of Work Project’s executive editor, Will Messenger. Each session will be about 45 minutes.  Find out more here.