SfK Ministries


Vision: Witnessing significant holistic transformation in the lives of people in unreached and under-reached nations in Asia and Africa through missional businesses that operate in the spirit of serving the Lord and in a financially sustainable manner, thus producing synergy for the Kingdom of God.

Mission: To mobilize financial resources to support missional businesses through loans, equity or grant; and to mobilize professionals to support missional businesses as volunteer advisors, called Kingdom Fellows, directly or through business incubation centers (BIC).

SfK Ministries will strive to live up to the following core values:

  • Christ-centeredness – in everything we think, plan and do for the ministry
  • Integrity – integration of words and deeds, upright before the Lord
  • Transformation – our efforts should produce holistic transformation in people served in the end
  • Transparency – so that every stakeholder can be confident in the ministry
  • Stewardship – good and effective stewardship of financial, time and intellectual resources
  • Service – our attitudes towards all stakeholders will be as if we serve the Lord