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Stories of the ideas, models, practices, and people powering today’s redemptive ventures. Includes response articles to Covid-19.

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With over 100 entrepreneurs, 150 mentors, and 350 investors and philanthropists thus far, we’re aiming to build an expansive community with a shared mission and alternative imagination for the spirit of the age in our time. We affirm James Davison Hunter, who wrote, “The key actor in history is not individual genius but rather the network, and the new institutions that are created out of those networks.”



Through our community’s unique content and experiences, we aim to create a new kind of university: a lean, application-oriented set of educational offerings for entrepreneurs of all stages, all within the backbone of a think-tank focused on theological and cultural understanding.


Venture Group

With the excellence of a venture capital firm, we aim to provide great advice and direction, while organizing and directing critical resources to our Praxis Fellows, including key introductions to partners, capital, and talent.


From Co-Founder Dave Blanchard

We are in a moment in history where entrepreneurs have disproportionate influence on everything from the social problems we work on to what we consume, practice, believe, and desire.

As Jack Dorsey, founder of Twitter and Square, recently declared on the cover of Forbes, “the most efficient means to spread an idea today is corporate structure.” Moreover, according to the Kauffman Foundation, 54% of millennials have started an organization or have the desire to start one. Given all of this, we believe the future of our world depends largely on the ventures the next generation creates.

We’ve created Praxis as a community and education-oriented venture group, structured as a non-profit. Our focus is on equipping and resourcing a growing portfolio of faith-motivated entrepreneurs who have committed their lives to cultural and social impact, renewing the spirit of our age one organization at a time. Praxis was conceived in 2010 by Dave Blanchard, then a Principal Designer at IDEO, and Josh Kwan, then the Director of International Giving for the David Weekley Family Foundation, and developed in collaboration with Q, a learning community that mobilizes Christians to advance the common good in society.

Each year, Praxis welcomes 12 businesses and 12 nonprofits into our two Accelerator programs, where we provide the top decision-makers in these organizations with the knowledge, network, and personal discipleship necessary to build sustainable, high-impact organizations. We also run Praxis Academy, a summer program focused on training Christ-following undergraduates at the intersection of faith, startups, and culture. Academy graduates have a chance to apply for our Emerging Founders program, where they’ll have an unique opportunity to do a summer apprenticeship with our Accelerator alumni.