GoldStreet Venture Capital

GoldStreet VC is the 1st Latin American Fund with intentionality, values and Christian principles integrated to the business, helping in the creation and consolidation of the Brazilian ecosystem of “Kingdom Business” and “Business as Mission”.

They offer a range of services for both investors and entrepreneurs. They help entrepreneurs play their Christian role in society by intentional business (Kingdom Business), generating results and impacting lives.


Options to invest in several startups through the venture capital investment fund or invest directly in a startup, through the Crowdfunding platform.


We look for Startups that have the possibility of exponential growth, that promote positive social and environmental impacts and that their entrepreneurs apply Christian values ​​and principles in business.


We help entrepreneurs to structure, improve or transform their businesses through mentoring and acceleration or pre-acceleration programs. In partnership with Bluefields Aceleradora, we provide support to the development of Startups preparing them to receive investment, aiming to reduce our risks and maximize the return.


GoldStreet Venture Capital has options to invest in companies in Brazil through the venture capital investment fund or invest directly in a company, through the Crowdfunding platform. It are set up to receive investments from all over the world.