Article: God Means Business

God Means Business!

An Introduction to Business as Mission

Mats Tunehag

April 2008  —  Unpublished Booklet

Short 8 page booklet serving as an introduction to business as mission.

Business as Mission, BAM, is a relatively new term but is based on Biblical concepts. Other expressions often used include ‘transformational business, ‘great commission companies’ and ‘kingdom business’. The BAM concept is holistic in nature, believing that God has the power to transform people and communities; spiritually, economically, socially and environmentally. The dichotomy between sacred and secular is not Biblical, but this false dichotomy has deeply affected our views on work, business, church and missions. BAM is a part of a wider global movement, recognizing and responding to God’s call to take the whole gospel to the whole man in the whole world. The applications of BAM may vary from country to country and from business to business.