Getting the Numbers Right

A key to being in any business is getting the numbers right. If the profit is not there than you are simply not in business.

During this four session series we look at coming to understand the key financial data that you need to and lay a foundation for you to understand what you need to know.

Session 1 – Laying the Foundation

This session looks at what is your purpose for being in business and the different functions of being in business.

Session 2 – Basic Accounting Concepts

This session covers the development of the double-entry bookkeeping system, accounting assumptions, common financial tasks, accounting systems and types of business structures.

Session 3 – Financial Statements

We look at the three main financial statements of the profit and loss, balance sheet and cash flow statements. What do the mean? What are you looking at for in each one?

Session 4 – Practicalities

We consider how to calculate break even points and the business chasis, what are the key areas that you need to manage in order for the profit to fall out at the end.

These sessions were filmed in front of a live audience and give you a great balance between the biblical purpose for being in business and the financial practicalities of being in business.

This training by Wes Leake can also be accessed as part of the Rethink Business Online Training.