Article: Distinctives and Challenges of Business as Mission

Distinctives and Challenges of Business as Mission

Neal Johnson & Steve Rundle

2006 in Business as Mission  —  From Impoverished to Empowered

One of the most concise introductions to business as mission, this articles places BAM within the context of other related movements and identifies some key issues for BAM today.

BAM-related ministry takes many forms. First, there is a recognition of the intrinsic value of the business itself, that God (and man) derives pleasure from a business that is well-run, and especially when done in such a way as to draw attention to Himself. In this way there is little difference between BAM and Marketplace Ministries.

Both see business itself as an act of worship and as a legitimate calling. BAM takes this a step further, however, by making a concerted effort within the company setting to witness for Christ, both overtly and through holistic lifestyle evangelism. Examples of these efforts include such things as Bible studies, training in the areas of literacy, nutrition, sanitation, childcare, healthy living, and healthcare, as well as company-sponsored community projects that demonstrate the loving heart of Jesus. In addition, an effort is often made to leverage the business strategy itself for greater ministry impact through creative alliances with other Great Commission Companies or ministries. In short, the business is an integral part of a holistic mission strategy, one that specifically aims to meet physical as well as spiritual needs in the least-evangelized and least-developed parts of the world.