Article: Bossa Nova, The "Beautiful Game" and Business as Mission

Bossa Nova, The “Beautiful Game” and Business as Mission

João Mordomo

September 2009  —  Connections Vol. 8,2

How business as mission helps Brazilian (and other) emerging mission movements overcome the barriers of “getting out, getting in, staying in and sinking in”.

Hundreds, if not thousands, of Brazilians feel called to missions and the only response their church leaders know to give them is, “quit your profession, go to seminary, get ordained, raise your support, and be sent as a traditional missionary.” This was often good advice in the past, but times have changed, and this “traditional missionary model” is often not the most appropriate one to employ, especially for people coming from countries like Brazil and going to contexts that are restricted. What they need is a model that will help them overcome the four major obstacles that they face, one that will help them “get out, get in, stay in and sink in.”