Innovative Solutions Seminar

This course will teach you to design, build and operate a successful aquaponics system along with several other innovative solution skill-sets:

Plant Health
Learn about what type of plants you can grow with aquaponics, how to take care of them and how to make sure you always have a fresh supply of produce!
System Balance
Because you have both fish and plants in the system working together, you need a balance. Learn about the proper care for your system and how each living organism interacts with each other.
Modular Teaching
Each day will be a different topic that we will hit hard and learn as much about that topic as possible. But it won’t just be in the classroom…
Hands On Experience
We definitely won’t just be in the classroom all day. There will be lots of time for hands on learning and getting dirty in the greenhouse!
Product Sales
Once you have a product to sell you need to market it and make money. We will teach you about topics ranging from accounting to marketing and help you to walk away from this course with a plan!
Field Experts
Throughout the course you will be working right alongside of many experts in aquaponics, horticulture, aquaculture, thermodynamics along with many other sciences needed to be understood before successfully operating a system.
System Design
Designing and building your system is just as important as understanding the science behind it. Not only will we explain the dos and dont’s when it comes to your design, we’ll even let you try some designs out first hand too!
Enjoy the Fruit
After the course here in Colorado Springs, we can connect you with others who are doing similar things around the world that you can work alongside!