Freedom Business Forum

May 5-9, 2024

Pattaya, Thailand
Registration is now open for the Freedom Business Forum!

We have an exciting line-up of speakers who will cover an incredible array of topics including:

  • Responding to Trauma in the Workplace – Victorious Minds
  • Understanding Trauma from a Cultural Lens – Dr. Courtney Skiera-Vaughn
  • Trauma-Informed Design for Business – Helen Avadiar-Nimbalker
  • Measuring Impact – Eido Research
  • Supply Chain Transparency – Dr. Stephen Morse
  • Ethical Storytelling – Lucy McKray
  • What does “success” look like for employees who have experienced human trafficking? – Panel
  • Prevention/Community-cCentered Development – Panel
  • Trauma-Informed Organizational Structures and Policies – Case Studies

As well as some incredible business topics hosted by LifeShape (a Chik-Fil-A foundation) and other experts on topics like:

  • AI and Business
  • Creating Raving Fans
  • Leadership
  • Digital Marketing
Special Guest Speakers include Dr. Lauren Pinkston and Shandra Woworuntu!

Check out the speaker bios and more here.

We’ve tried to anticipate your questions! FAQ’s

We hope that you can join us for a time of connection with other FBA Members, leaders and practitioners from across the anti-trafficking space.