BAM Center – Puebla, Mexico

Our business is to grow God’s people and God’s Kingdom in God’s way. We do this through helping Christian businessmen start their businesses and ministries by training, funding and mentoring these men and women who desire to create wealth, share wealth and serve God. This provides a model of co-ownership in the Great Commission of the lost world and the Great Competition of the business world. The exponential growth finds its greatest potential when equal ownership in the great commission is modeled and then duplicated so that the newly reached reach out to the unreached.

At the BAM Center, that purpose is to glorify God in all that we do. The diversity is seen in the daily-varied activities. There is a dental clinic, dormitories, English/Spanish school, doctor’s office, puppet ministry, computer programming, water projects, orphanage projects, evangelism, business classes, church, Bible studies, wood shop, offices, etc. We serve many different people in multifarious ways with the goal of reaching them with the Gospel or further encouraging them in their walk with the Lord.