B4T is a partnership of entrepreneurs and investors that maximizes social, economic, environmental and spiritual transformation in communities. This partnership is a hallmark of the B4T approach, where we seek successful, sustainable businesses that have the higher goal of Kingdom impact through mutual cooperation, support and accountability. B4T means much more than capital, offering sound business acumen and coaching but also monitoring a business’s ability to make a measurable impact in its circles of influence and interaction. Together, our goal is to see the blessing of God as a business’s commitment to ministry is recognized and appreciated in the community.

Unlike charity, B4T brings about genuine, lasting socio-economic change as people are taught and empowered to help themselves. B4T testifies to the transformational Gospel by first transforming the business arena and its communities through successful, ethical, growing business models.

Increasingly, successful Christian business people want to use their money and their business skills to make an impact for mission. B4T recognizes this added value as essential, as many entrepreneurs seek not only capital but also expertise and mentoring. Investors may have experience in a related field, or work to acquire access to new markets or needed expertise for growth.