Aid for Trade

Free downloadable training and ‘know how’ resources are now available online to enable BAM workers to help  communities anywhere, start or grow  income generating activities and to possibly lead group commercial development.

All the programmes provide a facilitators guide, slides for projection, where this is possible and worksheets for participants, with certificates available on completion.

The main delivery platform is ‘Workstart’, designed for group training, which includes guidance on establishing a Savings and Loan Association, which can be used to provide small loans to help the start or growth of income generating activities

Aid for Trade resources can contribute to global integral mission and to the new global Sustainable Development goals (SDGs), where the number one priority is to reduce the numbers living in severe poverty ($1.25 or less per day income)

Facilitators do not need to have prior business experience and informal partnerships have been established with Christian charities and Group Church leaders in Pakistan, Malawi, Ghana and Kenya who have successfully trialled our resources

‘This programme is the best and fastest growing I have ever seen. I know that many Malawians will be benefited’  – Bishop Thomson Chirwa, Malawi

Offering these programmes as a BAM project, possibly helping start ups with modest funding, can provide an effective outreach or engagement opportunity in poor communities or  can be used to equip local Church leaders to help unemployed members and their communities.

Aid for Trade have just added a “Cooperative Start Up Guide” to their resources, which includes over 200 microenterprise start up opportunities and a series of audio training podcasts. They would be delighted to liaise with BAM workers interested to trial the use of these resources. 

Contact Aid for Trade.